• 10-JAN-2019

  • Turin, 10 January 2019



FPT Industrial announced a strategic partnership with Fincantieri, one of the most important and largest shipbuilders in the world, during the International WorkBoat Show (IWBS). FPT Industrial has been chosen by Fincantieri as a preferred partner to supply tailor-made powertrain solutions for its customers: the partnership includes FPT Industrial marine engines and auxiliaries, as well as ground power generators, and is dedicated to the worldwide market of commercial, patrolling and special applications, covering power ranges up to 1,000 hp.
Thanks to specific FPT Industrial powertrain knowhow, Fincantieri can provide comprehensive solutions for installation on its vessels. Fincantieri is a leader in cruise ship design and construction, building all kinds of ships: from naval vessels to offshore units, from special ships and highly complex ferries to mega yachts.
"We are proud to become a preferred supplier of Fincantieri: this strategic partnership confirms our leadership in powertrain technology for marine applications" states Massimo Rubatto, FPT Industrial Vice President, Global Sales. “We are always focused on our customers’ needs, developing tailor-made products. Thanks to our advanced solutions, we can provide our customers with the best powertrain configuration for high performance boats in all applications, even the most extreme. For example, we powered the world’s fastest diesel powerboat this year with our Cursor 16 engine, achieving a speed of 277.5 km/h and breaking a Guinness World Record.”
To boost its strength in marine applications, FPT Industrial participated in the International WorkBoat Show (IWBS), one of the most renowned maritime industry exhibitions, which took place in New Orleans, USA, in late November 2018. The show attracted around 15,000 members of the commercial maritime industry to network, explore industry trends, and discover new solutions.
At the Fincantieri booth (#3015), the C9 650 engine from the Cursor marine lineup was displayed. The C9 650 is derived from a winning engine, that clinched endurance and speed records. It is noted for its premium reliability and reduced fuel consumption in the world of fast planning boats and yachts, whilst complying with the most stringent international emission rules. The C9 650 engine is, in fact, capable of delivering maximum power of 650 hp at 2,530 rpm and maximum torque of 2,150 Nm at 1,700 rpm.
C9 650 E Specifications
Architecture 6-cylinder in line
Injection System Common Rail
Air HandlingWaste gate water cooled turbo + aftercooler
Valves per Cylinder 4
Displacement 8.7 L
Bore x Stroke 4.6 x 5.3 in (117 x 135 mm)
Pleasure Rated Power 650 hp @ 2,530 rpm
Light com. Rated power 550 hp @ 2,530 rpm
Max Torque 2,150 Nm @ 1,700 rpm
Dry Weight 2,072 lbs (940 kg)
Dimensions (L,W,H) 50.7 x 32.4 x 37.8 in (1,288x823x961 mm)
Turin, Italy, January 10, 2019