• 13-NOV-2014

The Foggia Driveline plant is the second FPT Industrial site in Italy to receive Silver Level WCM Certification



Following in the footsteps of FPT Industrial’s Driveline plant in Turin, its factory in Foggia has received Silver Level certification in the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) programme, making it the second facility in Italy to receive the accolade.

Foggia is the largest of FPT Industrial’s plants: the 150,000 m2 factory has produced over six million engines to date, including the F1 Series engines that power commercial vehicles of European clients, such as Iveco and Fiat Professional, and international clients that include Japan-based Mitsubishi Fuso and RAM from the USA.

World Class Manufacturing is an international methodology for the organisation of the manufacturing cycle and has been adopted globally by the largest and most important companies across a huge range of industries and services, from automotive to consumer goods and industrial tools.

WCM has the goal of continuously improving production performance and gradually eliminating waste, helping to ensure product quality and maximum flexibility in responding to customer requests. All this is achieved through a structured and integrated production system that encompasses all the plant’s processes, from safety to the environment, from maintenance to logistics and quality, as well as the involvement and motivation of the personnel working in the factory. WCM activities are formally audited at regular intervals and each factory is assigned a score and the appropriate prizes (Bronze, Silver and Gold). Thanks to the WCM methodology, FPT Industrial’s activities are subject to a process of continuous improvement and reach high competitiveness levels, therefore contributing to the company being one of the world’s leading and most reliable powertrain manufacturers.

Currently three out of four FPT Industrial plants in Europe (Foggia, Turin Motors, Turin Driveline and Bourbon Lancy in France) have been awarded Silver Level certification, with the fourth being awarded the Bronze Level.

“This achievement rewards our personnel’s passion and expertise while highlighting the great effort FPT Industrial has invested into making its factories always more efficient and flexible. For a plant like Foggia, this award is crucial. It provides us with a competitive advantage that will allow us to keep our client satisfaction high as well as to win new customers, hence ensuring a working future for our employees,” said Pasquale Fiorilli, Plant Manager of FPT Industrial’s Foggia driveline plant.

Turin, November 2014