• 03-OCT-2013

Tigercat and FPT Industrial Announce Engine Alliance



Tigercat and FPT Industrial are pleased to announce an alliance for the supply of state-of-the-art FPT Industrial Tier 4 diesel engines to equip Tigercat machinery.

The FPT Industrial Tier 4i 6.7-litre engine will be the first to appear in Tigercat E-series skidders, including the 620E, 630E and 635E. In addition, the 726E feller buncher and M726E mulcher will be equipped with the FPT Industrial Tier 4i 8.7-litre engine, effective from October 2013.

A market leader in powertrain technology, FPT Industrial offers engines with improved reliability and lower long-term maintenance costs. They meet the stringent Tier 4 emission levels without complex technological add-ons, such as Variable Geometry Turbochargers (VGTs), Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, higher capacity cooling systems, intake throttle body or a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).

The majority of the technology developed by FPT Industrial to meet the rigorous new Tier 4 emission regulations can be found in the exhaust or after-treatment system. Key to this is the FPT-patented SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction), which converts harmful components in the exhaust gas to water, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

For the operator, other than refilling the AD Blue, or urea, no further maintenance is required for the SCR system to function. Additionally, the FPT Industrial engine series is fully supported by Tigercat, including all parts, servicing, warranty and technical support. FPT Industrial’s experience in technologies for emission reduction dates back to 1995. To date, it has produced over 350,000 engines equipped with its own SCR technology.

About Tigercat

Tigercat Industries designs and manufactures premium quality forestry and off-road equipment, with manufacturing facilities in Canada and worldwide distribution. The diverse product range includes complete full-tree and cut-to-length harvesting systems, a growing line of land clearing and vegetation management equipment and specialised off-road industrial and material handling machinery.

​October 2013