• 23-JAN-2015

Delivery of the first HEULIEZ BUS EURO VI HYBRID GX 337



Having a specific know-how in the development of hybrid vehicles, Heuliez Bus has delivered its first EURO VI HYBRID GX 337 to Grand Angouleme.

This hybrid electric 12 m bus is powered by a downsized Iveco Tector 6 litre diesel connected to a generator with integrated starter. The recovery of braking energy added to the energy supplied by the diesel engine recharge the on-board lithium-ion batteries.

The vehicle is also equipped with the new Arrive & Go technology. Before and after bus stop, the buses are running in 100% electric without noise and pollutant emission, i.e. more comfort for the users and the townspeople.

Perfectly environment friendly, these vehicles enable to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions by up to 40%, as well as a 50% reduction in NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions. Thus the realized average economy in CO2 emissions is of the order of 25 tons a year for a standard bus which represents more than twice the dry weight of this model. 

With the removal of the gearbox, acceleration has become constant and smooth; a real improvement in passenger and driver comfort.  The reduction of the noise level is much appreciated by the passengers as well as the local residents. So many performances which make these environmentally friendly vehicles capable of meeting the expectations of urban networks needs for the future.

Rorthais, 23rd January 2015