• 10-FEB-2016

European Success for the GX Hybrid range which represents 56% of bus production in 2015



With 41% of the hybrid bus market segment in France in 2015, Heuliez Bus again confirms its leading position as the number one French manufacturer with hybrid technology. The company has exported its know-how, particularly to Spain where 30 GX HYBRID are in operation in Madrid and Barcelona. 

Since 2010, when the first generation was launched, more than 400 standard and articulated buses have been produced in Rorthais and 150 additional units are on order. These vehicles have covered more than 24 million kilometres in Paris and the surrounding area, and in other cities including Dijon, Bordeaux, Nantes and Toulouse. 

Heuliez Bus hybrid technology combines a downsized diesel engine connected to a generator with integrated starter that supplies the electric motor and recovers braking energy. Perfectly environmentally friendly, these vehicles enable reduced fuel consumption and CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions by up to 35%, as well as a 50% reduction in NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions. As a result, the average CO2 emissions savings is some 25 tons annually for a standard bus, which represents more than twice the dry weight of each model. 

The latest generation of GX hybrid buses is equipped with the new “Arrive & Go” technology.  Before and after stopping, the buses run in 100% electric mode, which further reduced fuel consumption by 5%.

 With the removal of the gearbox, acceleration has become constant and smooth which represents a real improvement in passenger and driver comfort.  The reduction of the noise level is appreciated by both passengers and local residents. These are just some of the features which make these environmentally friendly vehicles capable of meeting future urban network needs. 

Heuliez Bus is a significant player in the development of sustainable mobility thanks to its 1,000m2 area dedicated to electrical operations, its test track, and specialist employees who are experts in battery technology. The Transition for the Green Growth is on its way in Rorthais : 56% of  standard 12 m GX 337 and articulated 18m GX 437 produced in 2015 were hybrids buses, with diesel buses representing the balance.

​Rorthais, 10 February 2016