• 02-MAY-2013

First steps of Heuliez Bus Hybrid vehicles in Dijon



The local communities  GRAND DIJON took delivery of 60 buses over the 41  ACCESS'BUS GX 327 HYB and 61 Access’Bus GX 427 HYB to be delivered in July. These buses have been unveiled on april 18th by Mr François Rebsamen, Mayor of Dijon and President of GRAND DIJON. 

The Public Private Partners contract signed last May 31st is concerning the construction and maintenance of 102 hybrid buses by HEULIEZ BUS.   This is the first time in France that urban vehicles are purchased in that form, as it is the first example of a large-scale deployment of hybrid buses and the first contract of partnership of this kind.

Developed with BAE Systems components for the supply of the power chain. These vehicles are powered by a downsized Iveco Tector 6 litre diesel connected to a generator with integrated starter  that supplies the electric motor.

The recovery of braking energy added to the energy supplied by the diesel engine recharge the on-board lithium-ion batteries of 11 kWh.  This enables a fuel consumption and CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions reduced by up to 30%, as well as a 50% reduction in NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions.

It also means a better comfort for the passengers, with the removal of the gearbox, acceleration has become constant and smooth.

The noise level has been reduced; the vehicle is even quiet at bus stops, the diesel engine being cut off with the “stop & start” system.

These vehicles benefit from a redesigned front end with day time running lights, a faired roof and wheel covers. These new means of embellishing enable to increase the seductive power of the buses.

The options chosen as the glazed roof LUMI'BUS® and panoramic side windows, give exceptional light inside and create a hemispherical view of the city.

Rorthais, May 2nd 2013