• 17-JUN-2016

French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy visits Heuliez Bus plant



Heuliez Bus hosted Ségolène Royal, France’s Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. She was accompanied by the following local political representatives:

  •  Jean GRELLIER, MP for the Deux-Sèvres region,
  •  Jerome GUTTON, Prefect for the Deux-Sèvres region,
  •  Annick PACKAGE, Deputy Prefect of Bressuire,
  •  Jean-Michel Bernier, President of the Agglomeration Community of Bocage Bressuirais,
  •  Pierre-Yves MAROLLEAU, Mayor of Mauleon.

Heuliez Bus, a key player in urban mobility with a long-standing commitment to environmental protection, has always deployed alternative propulsion solutions for its vehicles. The brand holds the No. 1 position in France’s hybrid bus market with a total of more than 550 units sold to date and more than 30 million kilometers covered by the existing fleet. With this accomplishment under its belt, Heuliez Bus has also gone on to develop an all-electric bus: GX ELEC.

The Minister’s visit allowed Heuliez Bus the chance to introduce its latest generation 100% electric buses, a real alternative to fossil fuels that offer significant improvement with respect to the environment, such as lack of local pollutants, reduction of greenhouse gases, noise or vibration. Thanks to its position as the French leader for hybrid buses, Heuliez Bus is ready for the challenge of the Energy Transition (Transition Energétique) Act, which is aimed at renewing France’s bus fleets with more low-emission vehicles.

The visit was also an opportunity to demonstrate the brand’s French industrial excellence as well as the investments which have been made at its Rorthais site to meet the new challenges of electric bus manufacturing. The Minister herself officially inaugurated the new assembly line for electric and hybrid vehicles. It is equipped with new specialized equipment to work on bus roofs. The line’s advantage is that all bus models from the standard 12 meters to the articulated 18 meters can be assembled with the utmost precision, thereby attaining a capacity of three vehicles per team each day. This tool helps improve working conditions and operator safety thanks to real asset efficiency and the optimization of industrial assembly lines. This project involved a team from Research and Development, which took several months.

Furthermore, the visit served to remind that Heuliez Bus is strongly committed to the economic development of France’s Deux-Sèvres region, where it has operated since the beginning of the 20th century. The Research & Development, design offices and production site are based in the town of Rorthais boast both heritage and experience, making it an industrial partner with recognized expertise in the transport of people, thanks to a full range of urban buses covering three market segments: mid and standard articulated buses offering many variants for interior or exterior design.

With a workforce of 455 permanent employees and numerous suppliers and subcontractors located in Western France, Heuliez Bus is strongly committed to the economic development of the region in which it operates as well as to environmental protection, deploying alternative propulsion solutions for its buses. Heuliez Bus is part of CNH Industrial, a major industrial employer in France in the capital goods sector, which counts a workforce of some 6,000 employees and operates several sites in France.

 With GX ELEC and HYBRID, Heuliez Bus is positioned as a major player in the development of sustainable mobility by offering a range of "citizen" buses that preserve air quality and fit perfectly in urban contexts thanks to their silent and non-polluting characteristics. 

Rorthais, June 17, 2016