• 30-SEP-2015

Heuliez Bus is taking up the challenge of low emission buses and is launching its new model: GX 337 ELEC



Just a few weeks before PARIS COP 21 and in order to meet the goals of the Law of Energy Transition for the Green Growth, Heuliez Bus, a major player in the field of public transport and characterized by its commitment to protecting the environment, has always developed alternative powertrains.

In 2010, Heuliez Bus showned its first hybrid bus.  This technology combines a downsized diesel engine connected to an integrated generator that supplies the electric motor and recovers braking energy. Perfectly environmentally friendly, these vehicles enable reduced fuel consumption and CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions by up to 40%, as well as a 50% reduction in NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions.   Thus the realized average economy in CO2 emissions is of the order of 25 tons a year for a standard bus, which represents more than twice the dry weight of each model. 

Then in 2014, Heuliez Bus improved its energy performance with the launch of a new generation of hybrid buses equipped with the new “Arrive & Go” technology.   Before and after the bus stop, the buses run in 100% electric mode. Thanks to this major evolution, hybrid was on the way to becoming full electric.

Being the number one bus builder in France with this technology, having sold more than 400 hybrid buses to date, which have covered more than 21 million kilometres, Heuliez Bus decided to develop a new full electric bus : GX ELEC.

This new model :  GX 337 ELEC benefits from major advances:

  • A simple known architecture, derived from the hybrid model, having the same electric engine and same converter,
  • A capacity for  90 passengers without any modification of the passenger compartment,
  • An optimized TCO,
  • A tested and proven stainless steel structure,
  • A standardization with the other models of the GX range,

Real alternative to diesel, these new zero-emission vehicles will help to solve several local and global pollution issues as well as reducing noise emissions.

HEULIEZ BUS has real know-how, a 1, 000 m2 hall dedicated to specific electrical operations, a test track, and highly qualified staff empowered to work on batteries. 

With this new GX 337 ELELC, Heuliez Bus is already a major player in the development of future full electric buses.

Rorthais, 30th September 2015