• 08-JAN-2016

HD9 and HHD9




Extra strong machines, ready for extreme conditions and environments. Easy to set-up, repair and  maintain through the entire life-cycle. Robustness, versatility, mobility, mission dedication and loading capabilities are the key values of the HD9 range, designed for heavy-duty applications in mining, quarry, construction, oil & gas, and heavy haulage.

Special heavy-duty chassis, state-of-the-art driveline, simple electric and electronic architectures: everything has been designed to face the most demanding situations for climate, terrain and loading capabilities. This makes the new Astra HD9 Euro VI the ideal partner on those missions where working hard is the rule. 
Seventy years of constant dedication and experience, coupled with innovative technologies, allow the new Astra HD9 to match the most professional requirements and ensure efficient and productive solutions worldwide.


The HD9 features heavy-duty components designed to provide robustness and reliability for the most demanding off-road use, allowing for a total GVW up to 50 ton and over:

  • A unique heavy-duty chassis: 820mm wide, made of sturdy high-tensile steel side members with large section dimensions (320x90x10mm) to ensure a high torsional stiffness, high stability and vehicle dynamic performance. The side members have constant and parallel section for the entire length of the frame to simplify body and components mounting operations.
  • An exclusive “power-ring” rear tandem solution: designed with the highest safety standards for a limit of 40 ton to increase the strength and the rigidity of the entire chassis structure.
  • A specific steering system design: oversize steering rods to increase mobility capabilities and driving comfort in difficult terrain or extra load conditions.


Strong, versatile and multifunctional: This summarizes the character of one of the most specialized ranges of vehicles designed for heavy duty in the oil and mineral sectors, quarry-construction and exceptional loads:

  • 11 vehicle configurations, 2, 3 and 4 axles with partial or four-wheel drive, in truck or tractor versions. 
  • 8 different engine sizes: From 380 to 560 CV in Euro5 or Euro3 versions according to the destination market 
  • More than 100 basic models, each with different lengths and variants available including a special HHD model available in truck or tractor version for particularly arduous and demanding missions.


Cursor engines in 13 liter version guarantee the HD9 gearbox flexibility and considerable braking power, essential for work on construction sites thanks to the excellent characteristics of torque at various speeds and the new exhaust brake.

The degree of technological evolution reached permits high levels of thermal output in the combustion, resulting in considerable reductions in fuel consumption. Moreover it permits an exceptionally fast and accurate diagnosis in the event of anomalies arising in connection with any of the principal components of the engine.


The new Astra HD9 is powered by the FPT 13 liter Euro VI Cursor engine featuring the following innovative solutions:

  • The New Common Rail High Pressure Injection system improves the combustion process and increases the engine efficiency in terms of power output (up to 560hp) and torque rising while reducing noise and minimizing fuel consumption. The third generation multiple injection system is integrated and protected by the engine cover and the extended oil change intervals ensure an improved package and maintenance standards.
  • The Hi-eSCR system without EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) allows best thermal efficiency while reducing weight and complexity. The conversion efficiency also allows a passive continuous regeneration of the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) which ensures lower maintenance costs.
  • The EVGT (Electronic controlled Variable Geometry Turbocharger) delivers excellent performances in terms of vehicle dynamics and optimal transient response. High torque (up to 2.500 Nm) at low engine speed (1.000 rpm) ensures excellent driving elasticity in any condition, no matter the slopes and loads.
  • The Super Engine Brake allows 50 % more braking power (463kW@1900rpm) compared with the Euro V version. This thanks to an innovative butterfly valve on the exhaust which improves the thermal management of the after-treatment system.


The HD9 Euro VI Range is always your ‘working hard’ Partner featuring the following transmission solutions:

  • The strong and reliable Manual gearbox, with its 16 synchronized gears, is the perfect ally to face even the heaviest off road missions. With the pneumatic shifting assistance, the driver can select the optimal gear quickly and with low expenditure of energy. The light weight of the gearbox allows higher payload capacity and the integrated retarder (optional) improves the deceleration, preserves the brakes and increases safety.
  • The Automated gearbox, with its 16 fine-tuned gears, is the perfect choice when reduced cost of exercise and high driving comfort are needed. The electronic control unit ensures an optimal communication among the engine, clutch and gearbox, preserving the entire driveline, extending the life of the components and reducing the fuel consumption. The additional integrated retarder (optional) is also available to assist the driver in the hardest off road missions.
  • The Automatic gearbox with 7 forward gears and 1 reverse gear, thanks to the increased peak torque, is ideal where top performance is required for exceptional transports and extreme off-road conditions. The hydraulic converter offers flexible engine/transmission connection for changing from one gear to another as fluidly as possible.
  • Manual gearbox with WSK 440 torque converter: The hydro-mechanical gearbox is available only on €3 vehicles. It is suitable for vehicles with particularly heavy tasks such as large cranes or tractors for exceptional transports with combinations of more than 150t.


The new HD9 Euro VI workplace is specifically designed and optimized to match the excellent ergonomics and relaxing internal comfort with the highest functionality, in order to easily allow to face the hardest and most challenging off road missions… in perfect Astra style.


The new workplace is designed to maximize the space available for the driver comfort, in order to ensure the most functional storage capability. Practically, there are many and easily accessible supports, pads and drawers useful to hold and store documents, keys, bottles and many other accessories, located on the front dashboard, as well as on the upper shelf and side doors.

Ergonomic Workplace

The new and wide HD9 Euro VI dashboard re-defines the internal space of the cab in a very functional and comfortable way. The instrument panel surrounds the driver and makes easy and safe the handling of all the controls, even in the most challenging working conditions. Safety is also magnified by the
essential and helpful additional low windows on the doors, necessary to ensure full visibility for driving throughout the obstacles and on the roughest terrains. The workplace is always comfortable thanks to the adjustable driving seat and steering column, as well as thanks to the new optimized lighting provided by n°4 spotlights on the upper shelf and the hi-fidelity sound played by the Bluetooth radio CD MP3 with steering wheel controls (optional).

The new dashboard will be available for Euro3 models from July 2016.