• 24-MAY-2017

Daily Tourys is crowned “International Minibus of the Year 2017”


After the Magelys “International coach of the Year 2016”, IVECO BUS wins the “International Minibus of the Year 2017” awarded to the Daily Tourys by the prestigious Bus, Coach and Minibus of the Year international jury of major journalists representing the leading European road transport magazines.

The Daily Tourys was voted winner of the first edition of the “International Minibus of the Year 2017” Award at the end of the three-day Minibus Euro Test conducted by a jury of journalists representing 18 leading specialised magazines from across Europe.

The jury judged the Daily Tourys to have performed very well during the test involving also six other competitors, where they were evaluated in real road conditions with uphill and downhill sections, motorways, narrow roads and a variety of situations.
The new “International Minibus of the Year” award was created this year by the jury of the prestigious European International Bus & Coach of the Year Awards to recognize minibuses, microbuses and midibuses designed for professional passenger transport.

Tom Terjesen, President of the Bus & Coach of the Year jury, summed up the jury vote: "IVECO Daily Tourys combined high quality bodywork, together with a premium comfort for the passenger. The driveline with a strong Euro 6 diesel engine and the best gearbox ever made in this class, makes the trip an experience to remember. The high capacity of luggage and a great idea with a flap inside the luggage compartment give even more space if needed. The fact that this is a complete factory built minibus makes the maintenance and service more efficient where ever you are on the road in Europe”.

Sylvain Blaise, Head of IVECO BUS, received the award during the opening ceremony of the FIAA 2017, held in Madrid, Spain. He commented: “It’s a real pleasure to be awarded at the very first edition of the Minibus of the Year event. With this recognition, the Daily Tourys joins our Magelys coach, which was voted ‘International Coach of the Year 2016’. We are very proud that the prestigious European International Bus & Coach of the Year Awards has singled out our two vehicles for this award, recognising their quality and value for operators in the passenger transport sector.”

The Daily Tourys stands out for the remarkably high level of customer personalisation it offers, both in terms of specifications and on board set up. As a result, it is able to provide an exclusive transport experience with luxurious comfort and in a stylish environment, for passengers and driver alike. The seats are fixed on rails for greater versatility, as it makes it easy to set up with the desired number of seats: a maximum of 19 or, if the customer requires more legroom, just 16. The rails are mounted on a podium, increasing the comfort of passengers and avoiding the disturbance of wheel arches to provide easy access to all seats. The Kiel Touristic reclining seats with three-point seatbelts provide ultimate comfort and style.

The Daily Tourys offers best-in-class luggage capacity in its segment, with a 2.5 m3 lowered compartment at the rear, which is easy to load and unload. The high level standard features ensuring the passengers’ well being and enjoyment on long journeys include individual air conditioning and LED lights, the new IVECO multi-media system, USB ports and LCD monitor.

Features like the Hi-Matic class exclusive 8-speed automatic gearbox, rear air suspension and Telma retarder guarantee absolute driving pleasure and travelling comfort. The comprehensive safety features and compliance with R66 regulations ensure maximum safety for passengers and driver.
The tough and reliable 180 hp 3-litre diesel engine delivers a powerful and efficient performance. The two-year full warranty with unlimited kilometres contributes to the low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The support of the widespread network of 667 service points spread across the European territory and staffed by highly trained technicians provides peace of mind, keeping the vehicle on the road and ensuring it performs at its best at all times.

State-of-the-art manufacturing

This award represents a success for IVECO Bus which, starting from the end of 2015, launched an integration process for the Minibus final assembly in Brescia plant, starting with the school version, then the line version, and recently the luxurious tourism version.

The Daily Tourys also greatly benefits from the advanced manufacturing processes of the Brescia plant, which operates an assembly line dedicated to IVECO BUS’s passenger transport vehicles. The welding shop ensures the high quality construction, while the pre-treatment and full cataphoresis process ensures high-quality long-term protection. Stringent quality controls and pre-delivery inspection guarantee final quality of every vehicle leaving the assembly line.

A Daily Minibus for every mission
The Daily Tourys is part of the extensive range of Daily Minibus models, which offer a solution for a wide variety of passenger transport missions: tourist to travel in comfort and style, intercity with a category-leading passenger capacity and school buses specifically designed for student transport.

Sustainable passenger transport
The Daily Tourys, as all other Daily minibus models, is also available with a Natural Power engine running on compressed natural gas or compressed biomethane. It can also be specified with an eco-friendly electric-traction engine with zero emissions, reflecting IVECO BUS’s position as the perfect partner for sustainable transport.

Madrid, 24 May 2017