Enlighten your way with IVECO BUS’s product family, ready for the mobility of tomorrow

  • 27-OCT-2021



Succeeding in the energy transition thanks to environment friendly tailor-made transport solutions, mixing various mature energy technologies and digital services, while controlling operation costs, will be so simple with the IVECO BUS’s offer.

Milan, 20 October 2021

IVECO BUS takes the opportunity of the new standard Euro VI-E regulatory deadline to develop its models, or even enrich its ranges with new versions. Beyond the regulations, it is all the models that have been redesigned. Developments and novelties which are unveiled, for the main part, today. The latest IVECO BUS’s line-up perfectly reflects the brand’s capacity to provide performant, reliable and sustainable mobility solutions for every kind of missions as well as a widespread service network and connected services while respecting operating costs.

The principal highlights from this enlarged new range are demonstrated through seven displayed vehicles:
• CROSSWAY LE CNG Line: true sustainable mobility solution for an environmentally friendly passenger transport in peri-urban or interurban areas.
• CROSSWAY GNG: ideal extension for urban transport to school and inter-city transports.
• EVADYS: versatile and profitable coach to meet the growing need for regional and national routes, as well as local and mid-distance tourism services.
• E-WAY 12-m: night charging full electric city bus, best-seller in France in 2020.
• URBANWAY CNG 12-m: the city bus, now available with a Cursor 9 CNG engine for a 10% fuel savings.
• DAILY Access: new low entry minibus dedicated to urban missions, available in Natural Gas.
• DAILY Tourys: the perfect touring minibus to travel with comfort and style.

With its products and services range, IVECO BUS confirms its strong points: sustainable mobility, energy mix solutions, technological excellence, Total Cost of Ownership and high added value to help customers, public authorities and operators in their energy transition.
IVECO BUS, sustainable series solutions for every mobility missions

As leading alternative energy partner (CNG, biomethane, electric, XTL/HVO), IVECO BUS has always anticipated the growing needs of authorities, operators and citizens for cleaner vehicles that respect natural resources, the environment and public health by offering mature, virtuous and eco-responsible transport solutions. Adapted to all types of missions, urban, peri-urban or interurban, local as well as mid-distance tourism services IVECO BUS’s models, put the Company's expertise at the service of an environmentally and financially sustainable mobility.

• Natural gas is particularly attractive in terms of meeting environmental challenges: air quality, climate protection and silence in operation. 100% compatible with biomethane recovered from organic waste, IVECO BUS natural gas buses and minibuses help preserve natural resources as the fine particle level is almost zero and NOx is reduced by more than a third. This environmental benefit results in a reduction in greenhouse gases of up to 95% and noise levels are halved, providing exceptionally quiet operation for drivers, passengers and residents alike. With around 8,000 Gas vehicles on the roads today across Europe, contributing to a cleaner transport sector, IVECO BUS is the undisputed leader of this market, accounting for one out of every three gas vehicles sold.

• IVECO BUS is heavily involved in another field of sustainable transport: full electric mobility. With no polluting emissions and CO2, the 100% electric models offer a smooth driving, a quiet experience, thus improving the comfort for the driver, the passengers and residents. The E-WAY electromobility offer has already proven to be reliable and a high-performance solution. 500 units are currently operating in 7 different European countries, having run up more than 15,000,000 km. Two Record Runs certified by TÜV, also demonstrate the outstanding reliability and excellent performance of the 12-m overnight charging E-WAY model. The first one, performed at the test track in Ulm with a 350-kWh battery pack achieved a remarkable result: 527 km, running nonstop, on one full charge. The second Record Run, last July in real operating conditions on the initiative of the German company Verkerhrsbetriebe Bachstein, conducted again with a 12-m overnight charging E-WAY with a 350-kWh battery pack. The result was as excellent as the first run: 543 kilometres on a single charge without any problems, leaving a 3% residual load at the end of the test. Over the years, IVECO BUS has developed very specific skill sets and expertise on electromobility. The production engineering expertise have been entirely focused at the HEULIEZ electromobility center of excellence in Rorthais (France) which is equipped with a test track and the various charging systems.

• In conventional drivelines, IVECO BUS opted for no EGR from the beginning with the exclusive IVECO HI-SCR technology homologated for sustainable fuels compliant with the Renewable Energy Directive. This solution delivers a highly sustainable performance, reducing CO2 emissions by 50 to 90 % with XTL/HVO.

Whatever their missions and needs are, the IVECO BUS family products provide operators and public authorities with affordable and environmentally friendly transport solutions, offering a wide mix energy (natural gas, full electric, Euro VI-E HI-SCR) and numerous models (URBANWAY, IMC, CREALIS; E-WAY, LINIUM, CROSSWAY, EVADYS or DAILY) that match to all passenger mobility needs: urban, peri-urban, interurban or tourism.

A concrete response in favour of the necessary energy transition!

Step E Low Entry, Low and Middle Decker offer, a wide choice of solutions for every mission

. Crossway range

With a record production of 50,000 units, the CROSSWAY range, is the undisputed market leader in its segment. Today one intercity vehicle out of two being registered in Europe is a CROSSWAY.

The CROSSWAY step E compliant line-up offers ample choice with four lengths (10.8 m – 12.1 m - 13 m and 14.5 m 3-axle) and three engines (Cursor 9 CNG and Diesel Tector 7 and Cursor 9) for the Crossway LE, while the Crossway LD is available with three lengths (10.8 m – 12.1 m - 13 m) and three engines (Cursor 9 CNG and Diesel Tector 7 and Cursor 9).

The transition to Euro VI-E has permitted the introduction of novelties and new models to come.
Two new automatic gearboxes (ZF Ecolife 2 – VOITH Diwa NXT) are now available on CROSSWAY models for even greater driving comfort and optimized performance in terms of fuel efficiency.

The driver’s station has been significantly upgraded to provide greater driving pleasure. It features a new automotive-style steering wheel and a redesigned dashboard that brings the controls close to the driver. The ergonomics of steering wheel controls have been improved being positioned them at the driver’s fingertips, so they can control all the main functions without releasing the steering wheel. Adding to the driver’s comfort is the fully customizable dashboard with multiple storage spaces, charging plugs, double USB ports, and cup and bottle holders. The new, 7-inch full-colour display cluster shows more driving and vehicle information, such the Driving Style Evaluation, the speed set up for cruise control and much more.
The vehicle’s passive safety has been strengthened with front collision mitigation to ECE R29.03 regulation certified by TÜV Sud.
Representing a true sustainable mobility solution thanks to their environmentally friendly natural gas engine and their exceptionally quiet operation, the CROSSWAY Natural Gas versions is increasingly in demand. This year, the CROSSWAY CNG production in Vysoké Myto is expected to represent 15 %, up from 10 % in 2020 and 6 % in 2019.

Efficient, the CROSSWAY CNG models offers the most powerful engine in the market with the 360-hp IVECO CURSOR 9 CNG, compatible with biomethane. With a total capacity of 1,260 litres in four 315-litre tanks, the vehicle has a range of up to 600 km and is compatible with rapid or slow filling.

The CROSSWAY CNG models include a smart design with the CNG tanks installed in the roof, which gives it the lowest overall height on the market (3,455 mm CROSSWAY, 3,210 mm CROSSWAY LE) - the same the air-conditioned diesel versions. This means that the Natural Gas version can operate regardless of road infrastructures, such as bridges or underpasses. In addition, this exclusive, patented feature optimizes the vehicle’s center of gravity, which results in greater on-road stability and more comfort for the driver and passengers.


Equipped with the 400 HP Cursor 9 engine, EVADYS benefits from all the step E novelties outlined for the CROSSWAY. It builds on an outstanding versatility in terms of lengths (12 and 12.96 m), gearboxes (ZF Ecolife 2 – VOITH Diwa NXT), doors layouts (three types), that customers can specify to match very precisely their specific requirements. Multiple seats layouts are possible, for example, 63 seats capacity on one side, 3GBK German standard on the other side.

EVADYS offers the largest space for luggage in its segment with up to 12 m3, with higher entrance height for luggage loading; EVADYS is without doubt the best business partner in the MD segment.

E-WAY, LINIUM, URBANWAY and CREALIS, a versatile sustainable city bus range

IVECO BUS’s electromobility offer

Electric mobility represents a reliable solution to meet the cities challenges to improve air quality and reduce noise pollution. IVECO BUS has thus developed 100% electric solutions: the IN-MOTION-CHARGING and the E-WAY models.

Having developed extensive experience with trolleybuses over a long period IVECO BUS has developed a pioneering new-generation zero emission trolleybus: the CREALIS In-Motion-Charging. This innovative technology combines overhead electric lines with a small onboard battery. The absence of air infrastructure in the most expensive places thus offers a significant reduction in investment and operating costs. These vehicles charge while running under overhead cables. They can also be powered by battery over up 25 to 40% of the line.

IVECO BUS has also developed the most complete range on the market, offering a solution to match the specific range needs of each customer: E-WAY models (branded GX electric in France). This battery-powered bus range, is available in two styling versions - a standard one and a BRT version, named Linium, four lengths (9.5m, 10.7m, 12m and 18m), two battery technologies, and three charging modes: overnight at the depot, and opportunity charge via pantograph (ascending or descending).

Offering full flexibility, the E-WAY range perfectly matches the customer requirements with two battery technologies for each specific application: high energy NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) cells for slow charge at the depot, high power LTO (Lithium Titanate Oxide) cells for fast opportunity charge.

The last major novelty for the E-Way 9.5 m, 10.7 and 12 m models overnight charging lies in the evolution of the energy storage. Keeping the focus on modularity and operative mission fit, the capacity of a single ZEN battery pack for slow charge is now increased to 42 kWh, offering operators up to + 20% of extra energy for an autonomy up to 300 km for a maximum of 418 kWh on 10,7m and 460 kWh on 12m, or up to 5 additional passengers for the same autonomy of the previous ZEN35 generation. This improvement is offered at same size, weight and connection of its predecessor to allow full interchangeability.

As a true advisor for the customer, the IVECO BUS’s approach to electromobility is to offer more than just a zero-emission bus. It is a complete eco-system of elements and technologies that begins with the simulation all the way to the bus, includes the battery type and technology, the associated charging solutions, as well as financial services and telematics. This modular approach enables to be flexible in tailoring solutions to perfectly fit the customer’s application and offer the best trade-off on Total Cost of Ownership. It is the key to addressing successfully all the challenges of electromobility and serving best the customers’ interests.

• New URBANWAY range, environmental and economic excellence with efficient technical improvements

The new standard Euro VI-E regulatory deadline has been the opportunity to redesign the URBANWAY range which introduces many developments and novelties. The new URBANWAY line-up is focused on a versatile offer, available in three lengths (10.5 m, 12 & 18 m), two styling versions, the standard one and the CREALIS BRT version, while maintaining a full energy mix.

The major novelty is the new and unique engine architecture for all URBANWAY versions, now fitted the Cursor 9 engine in longitudinal position. This new unique engine architecture is bringing several important advantages: weight savings, better weight balance and improved accessibility for maintenance.

The second novelty concerns the URBANWAY CNG model which now benefits from the proven and powerful CNG version of the Cursor 9 engine.
The URBANWAY CNG also introduces another important innovation, a modular CNG rack concept with a capacity ranging for instance on a 12 m from 960 litres up to 1,610 litres, to adjust as closely as possible to customer range requirements, adapting the quantity of gas the vehicle can carry and thus optimizes weight, cost and passenger capacity. The highest capacity configuration also brings the range to over 650 km (12-m) and 600 km (18-m) while keeping the overall height of the vehicle to less than 3.30 m.

In addition to the existing VOITH gearbox, the new ZF Ecolife2 has been introduced on the URBANWAY models, giving more choice to the customers.

As a result, all these major technological innovations enable significant fuel savings, based on SORT tests, compared to previous generation: - 5 % reduction on the Diesel version and up to - 10 % on the CNG one.

With its new engine layout, the latest generation of URBANWAY adopts a new design of the rear face. The rear lights are highlighted by wider red bands. The IVECO logo inside a distinctive grey welcome shape recalls the family ‘smile’ design element present on all vehicle front ends.
A brand-new camera mirror system available as an option, replaces usual external mirrors, to offer an even better driver experience and efficiency.
The driver area introduces also many changes to provide greater comfort and a more modern and stylish environment. The new Actia Podium 2 dashboard which integrates a 7-inch full-colour central with higher resolution for better readability of content. The driver rear wall has been treated to abate noise while the accessibility to the electric panel is easier.

On board, new timeless white and grey colours enlighten the very luminous passenger area, improve perceived quality and make surface cleaning easier. The engine maintenance access hatches are more discreet, positioned under the rear seats. The rear area very luminous, thanks to wide windows with full lateral visibility and a large roof hatch, improves the passenger experience.

The DAILY range: Iveco Bus expertise extended to minibuses

The minibus is the perfect complement making IVECO BUS among the rare full liner OEM. The DAILY minibus MY22 offers more comfort and safety on board, flexibility focus on the missions as well as a substantial TCO reduction. A constant search for improvement which makes this minibus the best in its category.

A unique engine line-up delivers performance and sustainability in every mission. It is now available in 2 diesel power ratings (180 and 210 hp) and a Natural Gas version (136 hp). This CNG version helps to preserve natural resources, as it is fully compatible with biomethane.
The minibus DAILY offers the choice of two transmissions available. It introduces in option a new 6-speed manual transmission that offers an excellent driving experience with best-in-class shiftability and precision engagement. The new transmission will also contribute to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The new transmission will require no oil change, as the interval has been extended to 350,000 km, contributing to a further reduction in maintenance and repair costs of up to 4%.

The exclusive Hi-Matic 8-speed transmission is still available as standard and ensures maximum performance at low operating costs and absolute driving comfort and increased performance. In addition, the combination of the CNG engine with the exclusive Hi-Matic 8-speed automatic transmission makes the CNG Daily Minibus Hi-Matic the best in its class in terms of performance and environmental friendliness. A Telma retarder is added to further improve driving comfort and passenger safety.

The DAILY minibus also takes driver comfort to a new level with the new memory foam seat for the driver. It is the first minibus in the industry to feature a driver seat that uses memory foam for the central pads of the cushion and backrest, and for the headrest. The foam moulds to the body, distributing the weight evenly, reducing pressure peaks by up to 30%. It’s made of Viscoelastic material, first designed for NASA Shuttle to allow highly energy absorption and softness. Taller people will be more comfortable the 20 mm longer and 15 mm thicker front cushion, which provides better support for their longer legs.

The DAILY minibus MY22 remains true to its reputation for versatility with its extensive engine line-up that offers multiple versions to meet all the requirements of passenger transport operators: excursions, shuttle services, interurban and school missions as well as urban:

Specially designed for the Italian market, this school minibus is available in three lengths and two Diesel and CNG energies.
. DAILY Start
The DAILY Start is a 6-meter-long "entry-level" vehicle. Simple, functional and profitable, it is positioned as a vehicle suitable for a wide variety of uses, from an airport or river shuttle to a taxi service.
. DAILY Line
Very flexible, the Line version is ideal for inter-urban missions.
. DAILY Tourys
The Tourys version stands out for its comfort and touring style.
. DAILY Access
Complementing the city range, the DAILY ACCESS, mainly available in Natural Gas version, is the new low-entry minibus dedicated to urban missions to meet the growing needs of public transport operators in this sector and support them in their energy transition with the CNG version.

The DAILY Access is available in 3 versions:

. DAILY Access Central Low Entry van derived, a Class A and Class I CNG Euro VI-E version that features a double door in the centre of the vehicle. It allows the transportation of up to 28 passengers, with a wheelchair space as standard for passengers with reduced mobility in the wheelbase. Length: 7.1 m.
. DAILY Access Central Low Entry chassis derived, a Class II CNG Euro VI-E version that features a double door in the centre of the vehicle. It allows the transportation of up to 25 passengers, with a wheelchair space as standard for passengers with reduced mobility in the wheelbase. Length: 8 m.
. DAILY Access Rear Low Entry, a Class I diesel Euro VI-E version that features a single door in the centre and a double door in the rear overhang. It allows the transportation of up to 35 passengers, with a wheelchair space as standard for passengers with reduced mobility in the rear overhang. Length: 7.5 m.

Easily accessible to passengers with reduced mobility or with a stroller (270 mm high first steps), the DAILY ACCESS is equipped with a manual ramp as standard (electric optional) and a dedicated internal area for reduced mobility/disabled passengers. Regarding the central Low Entry versions, a double electric sliding door (1,200 mm wide) facilitates passenger entry and exit.

A wide driver area totally separated easy accessible. Ergonomic working place with a touch screen integrated into the central dashboard for all vehicle functions and a technical compartment accessible only from the cabin for all on-board equipment.

The adoption of the IVECO BUS family feeling design. It benefits from a new distinctive style for its rear face which incorporates a wide rear window and the route display. The front face introduces a wide athermic glazed windscreen, the destination panel in the upper section as well as LED lights.
DAILY ACCESS, in its Natural Gas version, is offering a high capacity and range. The minibus on stage is providing a range of up to 420 km with 355 CNG litres, which is optimal in a compact 7.1 m long minibus. The CNG chassis derived version, with 460 litres, is providing up to 510 km range over the urban cycle.

The DAILY ACCESS is innovative because it is the only vehicle from an OEM based on a high capacity CNG platform validated by the Manufacturer, marketed and served by its network.

The DAILY ACCESS will be distributed on a European scale. The first deliveries are scheduled for early 2022.

IVECO ON: Telematics is progressing every day, proposing new services

With the emergence of the MAAS Mobility As A Service business model, IVECO BUS has decided to introduce innovative, customer-centred solutions with a whole range of new connectivity-enabled services.
All IVECO BUS products are available with the full range of IVECO ON digital services designed to address the key requirements of Public Transport and Operators for:
• Total Cost of ownership
• Uptime management
• Safety and security.

So the customers can benefit from the integrated IVECO ON telematics offer, which is based on two key pillars:
• Proactive Maintenance
• and Fleet Management

Featuring the telematics box, the vehicles are connected to a dedicated Bus Control Room, where specialists receive performance and status data from the connected vehicle in real time. This enables them to provide proactive support to the customers.
The Proactive Maintenance services use tele-diagnostics and reports based on the real-time data received from the connected vehicle to prevent unplanned stops. This new interactive way of providing maintenance service with a dedicated Bus Control Room, gives customers a unique opportunity to increase their bus fleet's uptime.

The extensive range of IVECO ON Fleet Management onboard and offboard services provide a real-time situation of the IVECO BUS fleet, enabling the customer to maximise its efficiency.

They also give them a comprehensive overview of the behaviour of electric buses and their traction batteries.
Our system is flexible and can adapt to meet all the requirements for multi-brand Bus monitoring with an ITxPT TiGR protocol data flow, available as an option

Two packages are available to meet the different requirements of the customers.

The SMART PACK, always included on all vehicles with factory fitted connectivity box enable the customers to benefit from proactive maintenance and remote assistance and programming services. It also gives access to Smart reports and Driving Style Evaluation data through the IVECO ON Customer portal.
Optional to the SMART PACK, the PREMIUM PACK which can be tailored to the customer’s specific needs by adding modular and integrated services that simplify every day’s work. They include the Verizon Connect Portal for real-time fleet management and a Web API ITxPT Standard TiGR.

The digital experience offered by IVECO ON will help customers improve their fleet’s efficiency, benefit their bottom line through savings, and enable them to improve the service they offer their passengers.

These services are becoming more important than the vehicle itself, and our IVECO ON will continue to develop and grow, leveraging new technologies as they come on stream, evolving in step with MAAS.

Always looking ahead to the future, IVECO BUS’s Step E line-up, in constant evolution brings to the customers a complete energy mix to choose the solution that is the best match for their operational and business requirements today. With soon coming mild-hybrid versions, based both on Diesel and natural gas, sustainability – and consequently alternative energy technologies – and TCO will continue to be major areas of focus. Investments will continue regarding digitalization which plays a central role as the enabler of autonomous operation without forgetting automation, connectivity as well as services which become more important than the physical product.