• 15-FEB-2018

IVECO BUS pioneers ITxPT protocol


A founding member of the ITxPT association established by the International Association for Public Transport (UITP), IVECO BUS is revolutionising the industry by fitting its vehicles with unique "plug & play" architecture for onboard public transport equipment.

It covers operating aids, information systems for passengers, destination signs, ticketing, route broadcasts, passenger metering, etc...

As a founding member of the Information Technology for Public Transport (ITxPT) association and the first manufacturer to offer this solution, IVECO BUS now provides the electrical architecture and physical space specifically for ITxPT services throughout its range of urban, interurban and tourism vehicles.

This new architecture standardises the electrical and IT connections of onboard equipment (Operating Aids, Passenger Information System, destination signs, ticketing, route broadcasts, passenger metering, videosurveillance, etc...) on vehicles as well as back-office systems (servers, software compatibility, etc).

Thanks to this new standard, all the players involved will benefit from a simplified set of ITxPT-certified equipment sharing the same language over the same network, for easier and faster installation and after-sales service. Transport operators will also benefit from better integration and interoperability.

The benefits are not just limited to onboard features, as ITxPT specifications also cover data transmission and processing to the operator or client. The data processing software language also integrates with accounting systems.

Lyon, February 15th