• 21-DEC-2017

Nettbuss AS has chosen IVECO BUS for a massive order of 84 vehicles for its fleet in Nordhordland


Nettbuss AS has placed an order of no less than 84 IVECO BUS vehicles, of which 81 Crossway and 3 Daily, in connection with the company winning a nine-year tender in Nordhordland. This order , that is the biggest one in Norway since 6 years, confirms the trusting relationship between IVECO BUS and Nettbuss. 

Nettbuss AS, one of the biggest bus operator in Norway, has signed an agreement with IVECO BUS for the supply of 84 vehicles. Four different variants and models will be delivered for a traffic start in Nordhordland in August 2018. This massive order, which is the biggest one since 2011 in the country, strengthens IVECO BUS presence in Norway and confirms the existing partnership with this renowned operator.   

63 out of 84 vehicles will be Crossway normal floor models. Available both in 10.8 and 12.1 meter, equipped with 320 Hp Tector 7 engine and automatic transmission, they can respectively welcome 37 and 45 passengers on board, for maximum operational profitability on city and intercity mission. 

In addition, IVECO BUS will also deliver 22 Crossways Low Entry 3-axle,  a brand new vehicle officially presented at Busworld Kortrijk.  This 14.5-meter low-entry model, fitted with the larger 360-hp Cursor 9 engine, beneficiates of the undisputed qualities - such as excellent accessibility for passengers getting on and off the vehicle - and offers a maximum passengers’ capacity, meeting high-capacity suburban and intercity transportation needs. 

Undisputed n°1 in its category in Europe, more than 30,000 units of Crossway have already been sold. Among the quality features belong its performance, versatility, environmental friendliness, comfort and low total cost of ownership which are all very appreciated by operators of interurban transport and big transporters, but also the international press which recently rewarded the Low Entry version with the “International Bus & Coach” trophy.  

The last 3 units are the IVECO Daily Line minibuses, with 22 passengers seats. Thanks to its 180-hp 3.0-liter F1C engine and its exclusive 8 speed Hi-Matic automatic gearbox, this vehicle offers an absolute driving pleasure and is perfectly suited for interurban travel or school transportation. With the Daily, IVECO BUS has once again positioned itself at the forefront of the international stage by winning the prestigious “International Minibus of the Year 2017”, but also more recently the “International Van of the Year 2018” prize. Awarded by a jury of key journalists in the European transport sector, the Daily confirms one more time its capacity to meet every needs.

"We are of course both happy and proud of this order, IVECO BUS's biggest one in Norway in 2017. It is very satisfying that we have a full range that can makes us a total supplier for Nettbuss in Nordhordland," says Dagfinn Heitmann, Area Manager for IVECO BUS in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Happy customer

"We are focusing on making rational choices when it comes to buses," says Hans Petter Sundberg, Technical Director of Nettbuss AS. "We find that IVECO BUS offers the best combination between quality, performances and total cost of ownership. In addition, it is an advantage for us that IVECO BUS has such a wide range that it can meet all our needs. It is a big advantage for drivers to have only one bus brand to relate to.”

Vøyenenga, December 21st  2017