• 22-MAY-2018

RATP renews its trust in IVECO BUS and the excellence of its “Natural Power” technology


IVECO BUS, a French manufacturer headquartered in Lyon, has recently signed a contract as part of a Europe-wide call for tender by the RATP involving the manufacture of 18-metre articulated CNG buses made in France, with the “Origine France Garantie” label.

The RATP and IVECO BUS are entering a new phase in their long-standing relationship. The RATP (a state-owned public transport operator headquartered in Paris) has just awarded the manufacturer one of the lots for its Urbanway Natural Power bus. This bus runs on compressed natural gas or biomethane and is manufactured at the IVECO BUS plant in Annonay. Up to 150 Urbanway buses will be delivered between 2019 and 2024, according to the needs of the RATP.

IVECO BUS is supporting the RATP in its BUS 2025 plan to replace its fleet with non-polluting solutions.

This technology has been chosen for its environmental qualities and economic value, demonstrating that IVECO BUS has been able to anticipate the expectations of the RATP and “Ile de France Mobilités” in terms of urban depollution, currently a key issue for many European cities.

IVECO BUS, a French manufacturer based in Lyon, has been the European leader in NGVs for several years with nearly 6,000 buses in service throughout Europe. It is fitted with the Cursor 8 NP engine, renowned for its technological excellence.

This IVECO engine is manufactured at the Bourbon-Lancy factory in Saône-et-Loire, the largest employer in Bourgogne with 1,400 employees. Each year, more than 1,000 Cursor 8 NP engines are manufactured at this French factory for use in transport and industry throughout the world, including the Beijing bus network.

100% compatible with biomethane produced from waste, the IVECO BUS Natural Power guarantees a neutral carbon footprint, a practical step towards the requisite energy transition. In other words, these buses participate to significantly reduce global warming. So this solution meets all the current challenges of 21st century road transport: air quality, climate protection and quiet operation. The economic benefits of this circular economy network are considerable: creating value and jobs that cannot be relocated, transforming waste into resources, energy independence and improving the French trade balance.

Number 1 on the French market, IVECO BUS has positioned itself as a real creator of direct and indirect jobs, thanks to its manufacturing site at Annonay (the largest employer in Ardèche), which has 1,400 employees and works with more than 250 French suppliers and subcontractors, and its Research and Development Centre at Vénissieux (Rhône), which has 300 employees, confirming that IVECO BUS will remain deeply rooted in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

In 2013, its factory at Annonay received the great distinction of the “Origine France Garantie” label, for its entire industrial coach and bus activity. Awarded by “Bureau Veritas Certification”, this label is fully in line with the concept “designed and manufactured in France”. It stipulates, firstly, that the product must assume its key features and distinctive form in France and, secondly, that more than 50% of the product’s unit cost price must be acquired in France. So purchasing vehicles with the OFG label demonstrates a genuine social commitment.

Lyon, 2018, May 22nd