• 17-DEC-2013

The first Crossway LE Euro VI for the Czech Republic handed over



The first Crossway Low Entry Euro VI manufactured by Iveco Bus in Vysoké Mýto was solemnly handed over to the company of ČSAD Frýdek-Místek a. s. on Tuesday

17 December 2013 in Vysoké Mýto. The “Number One” of Vysoké Mýto fitted with the new norm engine was a three-door Crossway LE City Euro VI with Tector 7 engine, 12-meter long, which was accepted by Tomáš Vavřík, MSc, MBA, the General Director of ČSAD Frýdek-Místek a.s., at the shipping department of Iveco Czech Republic a.s..

The companies of ČSAD Havířov, a. s., ČSAD Karviná, a. s. and ČSAD Frýdek – Místek, a. s. form a group of the biggest and most important transport companies within the Moravian-Silesian region. Tomáš Vavřík, MSc, MBA expects also the new buses to represent the well-established values of the Vysoké Mýto vehicles: “Only comfortable and reliable buses can guarantee satisfied passengers and, moreover, the new vehicles Crossway Euro VI are safe and environmentally friendly. That is essential in our region, which suffers due to the polluted air so much.

Crossway LE bus will be operated by ČSAD at city and intercity lines. In its three-door version, the Crossway LE bus provides space for 33 sitting and 72 standing passengers. Upon the customer’s request, the bus is ready to transport wheel-chaired passengers with the help of manually operated lift and the space opposite the central door equipped with the restraint system, backrest, retractor belt and hinged armrest. Using the camera system, the driver can easily monitor the situation at the back door. The green coating elegantly corresponds with the interior of the vehicle, where various shades of green are used for the upholstery, stair rods, hand rails and for the partitions alike. The application of the outer speaker announcing the bus route at the bus stops is also very practical. Thanks to the new 6.7-litre engine Euro VI with the engine power of 210 kW, the versatile, economical and universal city and intercity bus will provide the operator with greater performance and lower consumption. The clever design of the engine compartment has significantly increased comfort for the driver as well as for the passengers.

Jan Kimla, the Business Director of Iveco Bus for the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, said: “We are truly happy that the very first Euro VI bus manufactured in Vysoké Mýto was handed over to the company of  ČSAD Frýdek-Místek. The ČSAD Group in Havířov, Karviná and Frýdek-Místek has rich, long-term experience with our vehicles and I am sure that also the new Euro VI Crossway will provide fully satisfactory service. I greatly appreciate also the endeavour to offer the passengers and all residents of the region the most emission progressive vehicles. Some of our CNG buses are also operated at the lines of those three ČSAD operators.“

Radomil Novotný, the Product Manager Intercity, introduced the strong features of the new Crossway Euro VI buses: "The brand Crossway was the leader of its segment even before the introduction of the new range and the new Crossway Euro VI buses will, also due to their new engines and many significant improvements in the interior as well as the exterior, even strengthen this position. We have optimised the lengths now reaching 10.8 m, 12 m and 13 m, as well as the capacity of individual models. The new “functional” design also keeps in mind e.g. easy and speedy repairs with the view of putting the vehicle back into operation after servicing as soon as possible. The whole powertrain and its operational efficiency and durability are unique, the noise in the interior has been significantly (up to by 50%) reduced and the transportation comfort has been increased. The driver’s compartment in Crossway Euro VI has already been spoken of as the best ergonomic space dedicated to a driver – in comparison to Euro V, the standard even in the shortest vehicle version is longer by up to 10 cm. Also the safety standards for passengers and other road users have increased. The buses have passed extensive tests in Europe, overseas and above the Artic Circle alike; they have undergone tests at polygons as well as demanding field tests by selected European operators. Therefore from December 2013 on, our customers receive the tested bus brand with a new quality level, which will be appreciated by drivers, passengers, operators themselves and clients ordering public transportation alike.“

The solemn handover in Vysoké Mýto was on behalf of 3ČSAD attended by the General Director of ČSAD Frýdek-Místek Tomáš Vavřík, MSc, MBA, along with Jakub Vyvial, MSc, the Director of Passenger Transport Division; the city of  Frýdek-Místek was represented by the Deputy Mayor Karel Deutscher, Zbyněk Julínek, MSc of the Transport and Road Management Department and by  Jan Širc, MSc, a member of the Transport Commission of the city.

​Vysoké Mýto, 17 December 2013