• 08-JUN-2015

UITP Milan 2015: Iveco Bus completes its overhaul of the Urbanway line with the CNG model



Milan is the launch city for the new Urbanway 12m with a Cursor 8 CNG Euro VI engine. The vehicle will be officially unveiled at Iveco Bus’ stand at the UITP’s World Congress, while seven others - bearing the colors of the Arriva Group - will provide transportation to visitors at the World Exhibition. The now complete Urbanway line offers three lengths (10.5m, 12m and 18m), three engines (diesel, CNG and hybrid electric) and two finishes (Urbanway Classic and Urbanway BHNS), as well as in the form of chassis available to specialized European bodybuilders.

Urbanway CNG confirms Iveco’s status as a leader in the field of alternative - powered vehicles running on natural gas. Building on 25 years of experience and with h over 22,0000 engines manufactured, Iveco now offers t the widest range of industrial vehicles with CNG engines on the market: light commercial vehicles for downtown deliveries (Daily)), medium-and large-sized trucks for urban or regional distribution and refuse collection (Eurocargo and Stralis) and buses for urban transportation (Daily minibus, Urbanway and Crealis).

An engine manufacturer that masters its technology, Iveco is also a long-term partner of communities that have chosen to effectively fight urban pollution by investing in transportation options with natural gas engines, including refueling stations and depots.

In Europe, Iveco Bus is the leader in natural gas buses, with over 5,0000 vehicles in operation in France, Italy, Spain, Greece,, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and elsewhere. Beyond European borders, 3302 vehicles will soon hit the streets of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, while 14400 locally manufactured buses in Beijing and Shanghai, China, are equipped with Iveco CNG engines.

New line, same technology

The latest generation Cursor 8 CNG Euro VVI engine is already familiar to road transport professionals. It is essentially thee same engine as the previous Euro IVV, V and EEVV versions and has the same technology, which means that operators will not be required to make new investments in equipment, maintenance and training for their workshop employees. While Urbanway CNG shares its technology with its predecessor, Citelis CNG, its environmentally friendly qualities are even more powerful in its Euro VI version.

Lacking an EGR, SCCR and particle filter, this engine of recognized technical quality can also run without the use of additives thanks to its especially powerful optimized combustion process, based on the principle of stoichiometry. Its harmful emissions are significantly lower than the recommendations of the Euro VI directive effective January 1st, 2014, particularly with regard to fine particles which are responsible for respiratory illness in urban areas. Its sound emissions and vibrations are significantly reduced at all operating speeds, which presents great advantages for the driver, users and neighborhood residents, especially during night-time operation.

Presenting a real alternative to diesel, natural gas fuel also offers lower and more stable costs than diesels, positively affecting the "fuel costs" item which makes up one of the largest portions of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

100 % compatible with biogas, a fuel produced through waste recycling, Iveco Bus CNG vehicles ensure a neutral carbon n (CO2 emissions) balance and a concrete step towards the necessary energy transition. In other words, their use does not contribute to global warming. It is therefore the fastest way to immediately meet the challenges of road transportation in the 21st century - air quality, climate protection and quiet operation - without detracting from the basic advantages of the bus, which are versatility and a low operating cost.

The potential for biogas production is very high, which will soon allow thousands of vehicles to operate carbon-neutrally and without the use of fossil energy, on the example of Lille’s current network in France. While the environmental advantages for transportation are considerable, the financial effects are even greater: the creation of value and non-outsourceable jobs, the recycling of waste into resources, energy independence and the improvement of the trade balance are only some of the advantages of the circular economy of this sector.

2015, a banner year for Iveco Bus: half of all city buses manufactured will be noon-diesel

Sylvain Blaise, Global Head of Bus activities at CNH Industrial, declares at UITP 2015:

"Iveco Bus’ expertise and abilities in relation to clean vehicles with CNG engines have earned us the loyalty of many city authorities and are winning over many others that seek alternatives to diesel engines in order to offer more responsible public transportation. We are proud of this success, as it shows that we have managed to anticipate the growing desire of authorities and operators, as well as citizens, for clean vehicles which are more respectful of natural resources, environment and public health while also being economically positive options. Thanks to a full order book, 2015 promises to be a banner year because, out of an expected Urbanway production of nearly 2000 units (all versions combined), almost half will be non-diesel versions, either CNG or hybrid electric. This demonstrates that our clients recognize the quality of Iveco Bus’ alternative offerings, legitimizing our original commitment."

Iveco Bus at the UITTP 2015 World Congress in Milan

The vehicle displayed at the stand is a 12m Urbanway low floor version BHNS (Bus à Haut Niveau de Service, Bus with High Level of Service)

Engine: Cursor 8 CNNG Euro VI 2290 hp (213 kW), 7.8L transverse vertical in-line 6 cylinders, 1100 torque at 1100 RPM

Voith automatic transmission (other option: ZF)

Four CNNG 3 type longitudinal tanks (or optional CNG 4) of 3320 litres each (total 1280 litres)

3 doors, including a central sliding door opening onto a large central platform for standing passengers

23 seats + a dedicated place for a passenger in a wheelchair

Elevated driving position

Driving place to the new EBSF standard

BHNS pack with roof streamlining, glazed under-windows, interior LED ambient lighting

Seats with translucent backs and identification of seats for disabled passengers with LED lights onn the seat backs

New options: ESP (Electronic Stability Program), Electric driver bay

Saint-Priest, June 8th, 2015