• 14-DEC-2015

CityLogistics takes delivery of the 1000th commercial vehicle



CityLogistics was founded in March 2015 to provide environmentally sustainable urban deliveries under the strapline "Less noise, more air... let's go green!". It started with two Daily "Natural Power" vans, which were soon joined by 10 Stralis models, also equipped with natural gas engine, the first of which was delivered at a Solutrans trade fair.

This was a delivery perfectly in keeping with the slogan "Iveco. Your partner for sustainable transport"

The CityLogistics initiative, which is unique in France, operates in Lyon and Villeurbanne, with plans to extend it to other cities. It aims to provide urban logistics services and deliveries while reducing their negative impact, including pollution, traffic congestion, parking difficulties, multidrop missions on low mileages and delivery delays.

The principle developed by CityLogistics is based on the concentration of goods in Urban Distribution Centres (Centres de Distribution Urbains - CDU) located in the outskirts of cities; on an innovative approach to processing logistics in the CDUs for optimised deliveries; and on delivery routes ensured by green vehicles – among them Iveco CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicles.

CityLogistics was present with a stand at this year's Solutrans trade fair, with a view to demonstrating the quiet, clean, carbon-free solutions used to by the company to provide effective delivery solutions in Lyon city centre whilst safeguarding the environment for local residents. And at Solutrans the company took delivery of the first of ten Stralis CNG models. This was a vehicle of particular significance, as it is the 1000th commercial vehicle powered by natural gas to be delivered in France by Iveco, whose exclusive technology for sustainable mobility is particularly effective in providing high levels of environmental protection.

The 10 Stralis Natural Power transporters (nine 19t GVW models and one 26t model) were sold by the local dealership, Iveco LVI (Lyon Véhicules Industriels) and are on lease to CityLogistics from BNP Paribas Rental Solutions. These vehicles are equipped with the Cursor 8 CNG engine produced at CNH Industrial’s engine plant in Bourbon-Lancy in France, and with the Allison automatic transmission, guaranteeing safety, comfort and productivity in urban missions. This engine, which generates 330 hp, boasts an exceptional environmental performance and can run either on natural gas or biomethane (in its renewable form), stored compressed at 200 bar. The outstanding reliability and efficiency, and the remarkably low emissions of these engines (no fine particles, NOx 50% below Euro VI limits, reduced noise) has enabled Iveco to become the undisputed leader on the European and French markets for trucks powered by natural gas.

The latest-generation Cursor 8 CNG Euro VI engine, with no EGR, SCR or particulate filters, does not require any additives due to its particularly efficient "stoichiometric" combustion process. Its pollutant emissions are much lower than those recommended by the Euro VI Directive as of 1 January 2014, with significantly less fine particulate matter and NO2, which are responsible for respiratory diseases in urban locations. Noise emissions have also been substantially lowered and vibrations have been reduced across all operating speeds: two important advantages for drivers and residents of urban areas, particularly during nocturnal distribution missions. Indeed, with noise emissions of less than 72 dB, the Stralis CNG is PIEK certified (the European Standard for low-noise transport solutions), allowing it access to restricted traffic zones in city centres.

CityLogistics has also ordered a new Daily CNG from the LVI dealership in Lyons, for delivery in early 2016.

"Natural gas" is a viable alternative to diesel and benefits from more advantageous and stable pricing, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 10% when compared to Euro VI diesel vehicles.

The Spanish group Endesa reached an agreement with CityLogistics for the construction and management of a new refuelling station in Lyons, which became operational at the end of November to supply natural gas and biomethane to the CityLogistics fleet of Iveco CNG trucks. 100% compatible with biomethane, a fuel extracted from waste recovery operations, Iveco CNG-engine trucks boast a neutral carbon footprint (CO2 emissions) – a significant step forward in the increasingly necessary transition to more sustainable sources of energy. All in all, these engines represent the most immediate response to the various challenges of 21st century road transport – air quality, climate protection and quiet operation – without removing any of the fundamental benefits of the trucks– namely flexibility of use and low cost of ownership.