• 11-JAN-2017

Dakar 2017: Gerard de Rooy keeps fighting for the lead


Ton van Genugten places the PETRONAS De Rooy IVECO Team in the Top 5 of the special.
Gerard de Rooy looses seven minutes in the stage, falling back in third place, but is just two minutes behind the leader in the overall classification.
Federico Villagra places the best IVECO truck of the day, finishing in second place.

Bad weather conditions are having a negative effect in 2017 Dakar Rally. For the third day of racing in a row, the organisation is forced to cancel part of a stage. The Truck category was the most affected, with its race finished after the first control point. As a consequence of the heavy rain, Route 9 in Jujuy was blocked by an avalanche and the caravan had to stop on its way to the biouvac in Salta.

Ton van Genugten was the man of the day for the PETRONAS De Rooy IVECO Team, as he finished just 3m49s behind Martin van der Brink, winner of the stage. The Dutchman in the #507 Trakker is maintaining a good pace in the toughest roads of South America, but regrets the six hours lost in the mud a couple of specials behind, which is keeping him far away from the leaders in the overall classification.

Gerard de Rooy suffered another puncture and lost the first place in the general. Yesterday’s setback was not big: he arrived only seven minutes behind the leader, falling back to the third place with his #500 Powerstar, so that he is only 2m20s away from the lead.

Wuf van Ginkel finished very close to the Top 10, 10m42s behind the best time of Stage 8. The #525 Trakker is looking to move up in the overall standings to enter the Top 20 of the race.

Federico Villagra placed the best IVECO truck of the day in second place after battling head to head with Martin van der Brink, who beat him by 17 seconds. The Argentine driver takes advantage of Mardeev’s delay to advance to fourth place overall.

The organisation will try to solve the complications with the avalanche that blocked the caravan in Route 9 to keep moving along on the path to Buenos Aires. In first instance, 406 kilometres are programmed for the ‘Super Belén’ between Salta and Chilecito.

Stage 8 Results – Dakar 2017

1. Martin van der Brink (Renault) 1h55m20s
2. Federico Villagra (IVECO) +17s
3. Eduard Nikolaev (Kamaz) +42s
4. Dmitry Sotnikov (Kamaz) +2m42s
5. Ton van Genugten (IVECO) +3m49s
9. Gerard de Rooy (IVECO) +7m13s
11. Wuf van Ginkel (IVECO) + 10m42s

Overall Classification – Dakar 2017

1. Dmitry Sotnikov (Kamaz) 17h52m20s
2. Eduard Nikolaev (Kamaz) +1m46s
3. Gerard de Rooy (IVECO) +2m20s
4. Federico Villagra (IVECO) +29m06s

5. Pascal de Baar (Renault) +45m34s
21. Ton van Genugten (IVECO) +6h04m25s
23. Wuf van Ginkel (IVECO) + 7h18m17s

Turin, 11 January 2017