• 09-AUG-2017

David G Davies & Sons marks first IVECO order with fuel-efficient New Stralis XP tractor units


Derbyshire-based haulier David G Davies & Sons has become one of the first operators in the UK to take delivery of IVECO’s new flagship heavy truck – adding a pair of New Stralis XP tractor units to its fleet, equipped with the range-topping 570hp Cursor 13 engine.

Their arrival sees the customer combine the performance of IVECO’s most powerful truck to-date, with advanced features introduced with the New Stralis XP launch to provide best-in-class fuel efficiency, sustainability and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In addition to a new driveline, New Stralis XP models benefit from new electrical systems and electronic architecture, and incorporate the latest GPS-based predictive driving functions.

Supplied by Manchester-based Northern Commercials, the two 6×2 mid-lift tractors (AS440S57TX/P) are additions to a 16-strong fleet previously dominated by a rival marque. They represent the firm’s first ever IVECO vehicles and will be based at the company’s main site in Glossop, and used to transport polystyrene packaging throughout the northwest and across the UK.

Chris Davies, Director at David G Davies & Sons, says: “From our initial enquiry, Paul Rankine at Northern Commercials has really looked after us. Paul ran simulations to demonstrate just how fuel-efficient the New Stralis XP would be, and when the time came to expand the fleet, IVECO was top of our shopping list.

“On paper, New Stralis XP is a fantastic spec truck, but the full package IVECO is putting behind it – including the uptime guarantee – takes the aftersales support to a new level.”

IVECO’s exclusive uptime guarantee has been introduced with the launch of the New Stralis XP and NP models. It means that in the event of one of these vehicles suffering downtime, a Truck Station or a service point within the IVECO dealer network will guarantee to have the vehicle back on the road within 24 hours of it arriving in the workshop. In the unlikely event this is not feasible, financial compensation will be offered for any downtime exceeding 24 hours.

IVECO’s new-generation services, which are included in the TCO₂ LIVE modular programme, are also offered as standard on the New Stralis XP. This includes the ‘TCO₂ Smart Report’ – a detailed account on the fuel consumption and performance of each fleet vehicle and driver that is automatically emailed to the customer every week.
Also included is ‘TCO₂ Advising’ fuel-efficiency advice and customized improvement plans, which is based on the wealth of knowledge IVECO has collected in its decades of analysis and supported by dedicated fuel expert teams. Both can be integrated with the ‘TCO₂ Driving’ courses provided by specialised IVECO trainers. These new services can generate further fuel savings of up to 10 per cent.

Central to the New Stralis XP’s fuel-efficiency for extra-long haul missions is the introduction of Smart EGR, which works in combination with IVECO’s patented HI-SCR after-treatment system. In the 570hp engine, it harnesses a small amount of exhaust gas re-circulation – just 8 per cent – to allow injection timing to be advanced. The result is excellent fuel economy, while still maintaining all the associated benefits of the HI-SCR technology: regeneration free, no impact on radiator size, no extra maintenance, and longer service intervals.

The new XP generation engines have also been re-engineered to reduce friction and a new anti-idling function automatically turns off the engine after a pre-set period when the vehicle is parked, to improve fuel efficiency further.

Both vehicles in this order feature the new 12-speed HI-TRONIX automated transmission, which IVECO has introduced for XP models. This reduces shift times by 10 per cent and has been designed to handle twice the number of gearshifts of the previous generation EuroTronic gearbox, improving durability by up to 1.6 million km.

The two trucks have also been fitted with a host of extra features including alloy wheels, a microwave and full leather seats, and the specification is completed with IVECO’s innovative Hi-Cruise GPS predictive driving system. It compares geo-location with the road’s topography and adopts predictive strategies controlling acceleration, deceleration and gear selection to allow the driver to focus on safety, whilst saving fuel.

David G Davies & Sons, which was founded in 1971, has acquired both vehicles on a three-year IVECO Elements repair and maintenance package. Both trucks are wrapped in the firm’s white livery and are expected to clock up approximately 140,000 miles annually.

Basildon, August 9, 2017