• 17-APR-2014

First Euro VI Stralis Hi-Ways for IAE – ‘it’s that Pole in Leek’!



IAE, the UK’s largest manufacturer of livestock equipment, has taken delivery of its first Euro VI Stralis Hi-Way tractor unit (AS440S46TX/P) from Sherwood Truck & Van – and has two identical vehicles on order.

The delivery completes a move by IAE to operate a 100 per cent Iveco fleet, with each vehicle featuring the “IT’S THAT POLE IN LEEK” strapline prominently across the sun visor. This is a reference to the founder Frank Klucznik’s (Snr) long-standing reputation for manufacturing quality farm equipment, whereby customers used to arrive in Leek to buy his products, without knowing where to go. They were often told by locals, "Oh yes, it’s that Pole in Leek you want."

Commenting on the delivery, Frank Klucznik (Jnr) says: “Being one of the first UK fleets to run a Euro VI Stralis holds real appeal. Iveco’s approach to Euro VI stands out as they’ve achieved the new emissions levels through an evolution of the existing driveline, rather than taking a whole new approach.

“We’ve been very comfortable with the performance of our existing Cursor engines, so we had no hesitation in becoming an early adopter of a Euro VI model. As a business we like being at the forefront of new technology.”

Klucznik (Snr) was the driving force behind the company’s own-account policy which he instigated in 1969, preferring to deliver his own products rather than hiring another firm to do it. Today IAE operate 14 tractor units and two rigids, making deliveries the length and breadth of the UK.

This latest order forms part of IAE’s five-year fleet renewal strategy and sees each vehicle mounted with an Iveco light bar and twin roof mounted beacons. The specification also includes a top-of-the-range Hi-Comfort bunk and swivelling passenger seat to aid driver relaxation on nights away. Each Stralis Hi-Way also features factory-fitted satellite navigation and Iveco’s Driving Style Evaluation tool, which can generate fuel savings of between five and 12 per cent.

The new Stralis’ are expected to cover up to 120,000km a year and will be serviced and maintained by Sherwood Truck & Van, located just five miles away.

Each Stralis Hi-Way is powered by an FPT Industrial Cursor 11 engine which is capable of producing up to 460 hp between 1,500 and 1,900 rev/min and up to 2,150 Nm of torque between 925 and 1,500 rev/min.

The Cursor 11 engine uses a high efficiency selective catalytic reduction system known as ‘HI-eSCR’ to achieve Euro VI limits via a simplified after-treatment system and without the use of EGR (exhaust gas recirculation). This offers multiple advantages including weight reduction, optimised fuel consumption, lower exhaust temperatures and exhaust cooling requirements, and increased durability thanks to a less complex, yet highly efficient, technology.

IAE was established in 1969 by Klucznik (Snr) who came to the UK from his home in Poland as part of the armed forces during the Second World War, eventually settling in the farming town of Leek in Staffordshire. Today IAE remains a family owned company, however, due to continuous growth, the business recently relocated to a purpose-built 26 acre site in Longton, on the outskirts of Stoke-on-Trent.

Watford, April 17, 2014