• 19-JUN-2015

Iveco: 40 years of excellence, 150 years of experience



The brand is celebrating its 40th anniversary – a success story that tells of great international acclaims and vehicles that have come to symbolise commercial transport around the world.

The website www.iveco40.com offers people the chance to celebrate Iveco’s 40th birthday by sharing stories in pictures or videos.

The new pay-off: Iveco. Your Partner for Sustainable Transport.

Iveco is blowing out 40 candles: this is an important milestone for a major brand that has shaped the history of global commercial transport. It represents not only 40 years of success, but also 150 years of working alongside customers, of superb performance, of vehicles that have become fixture on roads all over the world and that convey a message of technology and sustainable transport today.

Iveco is a brand of CNH Industrial, a global leader in the capital goods sector. Through CNH Industrial, Iveco products are manufactured at production facilities in Europe, China, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and Africa, with business activities in over 160 countries.  

To celebrate this birthday, Iveco has created a special logo in honour of the occasion, which represents a stylised vehicle with the slogan “40 years of Iveco, 150 years of experience”. The logo will appear on all of the brand’s written communications until the end of 2015.

Indeed a great deal of the celebrations will be promoted on a dedicated website www.iveco40.com​, published in 14 different languages. It sees the launch of a competition encouraging Iveco enthusiasts to celebrate Iveco’s 40th birthday by sharing their stories in pictures or videos for all to enjoy. Each week, the best photo will be added to a virtual book dedicated to the special anniversary.

This special anniversary has also been commemorated with a video - available to watch online at https://youtu.be/XwSoJzxHoVs​ – that recounts the key events in Iveco’s history decade by decade from 1975 until the present day. These range from vehicle launches and technological innovations to major sponsorship deals, which have become an inseparable part of the history of commercial vehicles, not only in Europe, but globally.

Iveco: a new pay-off, a new approach focussing on Technology, Total Cost of Ownership, Sustainability and Business Partnership

Iveco is a brand that has shown itself able to take a bold approach to change over the years. It is now writing a new chapter in its history, persistently pursuing its vocation as a major player on the international and multicultural stage, continuing to focus on its core values: Technology, Total Cost of Ownership, Sustainability and Business Partnership.

Thanks to a continuous attention to innovation and new technologies, Iveco became a European leader in the field of alternative traction, anticipating solutions that will contribute to further reduce the environmental impact in the transport sector and becoming the ideal partner for sustainable transport, as the new Iveco’s payoff declares: Iveco, Your Partner for Sustainable Transport.

From 1975 to the present: a story of success

The company launched its challenge to the market in 1975, when it was created from the union of the then top five European firms with more than 150 years’ experience in designing and making industrial vehicles: Magirus-Deutz, Fiat, Lancia, Unic and OM.  A global vision with international roots, formed through the fusion of five pre-existing companies, each of which made its own important contribution to the history of the commercial vehicle sector in Europe starting from the late 19th century: Fiat Industrial Vehicles from Turin, Italy; OM from Brescia, Italy; Lancia Special Vehicles from Bolzano, Italy; Unic from Puteaux, France and Magirus-Deutz from Ulm, Germany.

Through acquisitions, alliances and international joint ventures over the years, Iveco has joined the highest ranks of the world’s major players in road transportation, becoming a group with considerable specialist expertise able to bring out the best in technological innovation and establish itself as a manufacturer and commercial provider in the most important industrialised markets and emerging markets alike. In 1986, as part of that heritage, Iveco Ford Truck Ltd, was born as a joint venture (and effectively a merger) with Ford of Europe’s truck division. In 1990, Iveco acquired the Spanish industrial vehicle builder Pegaso.

Over the course of its history, Iveco has earned international recognition and numerous accolades,  including three “International Truck of the Year” awards - for the Eurocargo in 1992, the EuroTech in 1993 and the Stralis in 2013. Furthermore, the New Daily was recently named “International Van of the Year 2015”.  

Iveco has always channelled its energy alongside the biggest names in international sport, such as motor sport giant Scuderia Ferrari and the All Blacks, New Zealand’s national rugby team, as well as with major initiatives that the public still remembers many years on.

One such example is the famous Overland project, launched in 1995 with a Rome – New York expedition, during which the use of Iveco technology played a huge part in promoting a positive image of trucks around the world. Iveco’s orange vehicles earned an international following after being seen undertaking perilous adventures, overcoming extreme difficulties on some of the world’s most difficult roads and surviving adverse weather conditions without ever stopping their journey – a testament to their reliability and quality.

This challenge is still ongoing  with The Dakar, the world’s most famous off-road rally that attracts millions and is officially sponsored by Iveco. The brand is continuing its sponsorship of the Petronas De Rooy Iveco team on their hair-raising adventures around South America. Iveco won the Dakar in 2012 with Team De Rooy, taking first, second and sixth place. A legendary adventure.

Turin, 19 June 2015