• 13-JUL-2017

IVECO and Aerodyne give Stralis sleek new look for double deck missions


New range of air management kits launched to ensure Stralis tractor units are optimised for operation with double deck trailers

IVECO’s engineering division has teamed up with fuel-saving specialist Aerodyne to jointly develop a new range of air management kits to reduce drag when Stralis tractor units are operating with tall trailers.

Available to order via the IVECO dealer network, the air kit is available in two sizes and can be adjusted telescopically, with the smaller of the two systems designed for trailers between 4.08m and 4.28m tall, and a second larger kit for trailers between 4.22m and 4.7m.

The air kits have been developed by Aerodyne using 3D CAD design software and CNC Machining technology, and built at Aerodyne’s Bourne headquarters in Lincolnshire. They are made from GRP and come as standard in white, but can be supplied in other colours to suit a customer’s own livery.

Stuart Webster, IVECO UK & ROI Business Director, says: “As increasing numbers of fleets turn to double deck trailers to maximise load fill, finding ways to minimise aerodynamic drag becomes even more important. Our engineers have worked closely with Aerodyne to equip Stralis with the ultimate cab-to-trailer aerodynamic package when operating with very tall trailers.”

Calculations carried out with a Stralis plated at 44 tonnes (but typically part-laden) with a 4.6m doubledeck trailer showed that aerodynamic drag becomes the number one factor affecting fuel consumption at just 50mph. With the Aerodyne air kit fitted, it is estimated that the aerodynamic drag co-efficient could be reduced by as much as 25 per cent – helping to significantly improve fuel efficiency.

Ryan Kingston, Managing Director of Aerodyne, explains: “In a typical operation, the return on investment for the air kit could be less than six months, plus it has the potential to save nearly 10 tonnes of CO2 every year, through improved fuel efficiency. If an operator is regularly running with double deck or very tall trailers, that’s a convincing argument. We’re expecting significant interest from Stralis operators.”

The Aerodyne air kits have been assigned official IVECO part numbers and can be ordered via the IVECO dealer network on new vehicles, and for fitment to existing models.
They are suitable for fitment to all tractor units with a Stralis Hi-Way cab, including IVECO’s two ‘TCO2 champions’, the flagship New Stralis XP and natural gas-powered New Stralis NP models.

Basildon, July 13, 2017