• 11-JUL-2014

Iveco at the 2014 NGV Show in Brussels



Iveco participated in the “NGV Europe International Show and Workshops”; the exhibition was held at the Brussels Kart Expo (Belgium) from 7th to 10th July 2014. Now in its fifth year, the event was organised by NGVA Europe (European Natural and Bio Gas Vehicles Association), whose objective is to develop a sustainable, positive market throughout Europe for these types of vehicles.

CNH Industrial, of which Iveco is a brand, was in attendance with a booth and chose to be the event’s “Gold Sponsor and Exclusive Transport Provider”, confirming its commitment to sustainable mobility both by helping to spread the culture of methane and presenting environmentally friendly solutions to those attending the show. CNH Industrial also promoted the various brands already offered on international markets.

By participating at the main event for alternative fuel systems, Iveco confirmed its leadership in the natural-gas sector with a complete range of light, medium, and heavy vehicles, as well as buses, with more than 12,000 vehicles already delivered, including 2,000 alone in 2013.

The New Daily was on exhibition at the booth, the third generation of the light commercial vehicle launched by Iveco, with the CNG version on display for those who visited the show.

The New Daily, recently launched by Iveco with a new, completely redesigned look, made its debut at the exhibition. The New Daily CNG has the same strongpoints as the Diesel version in terms of reliability, comfort, and useful payload. The ladder frame chassis makes the New Daily not just the preferred vehicle for outfitters, providing them with robustness and the ability to support heavy loads, but much more: as a result of the way in which the cylinders are mounted on the Natural Power model, there is no reduction in load space or to the flexibility offered to body builders.

Also on display at the booth was a vehicle in Iveco's heavy range: the Stralis Natural Power Euro VI powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), presented for the first time to the public with a new tank that conforms to the revised Regulation UNECE No.110, in force since 10th June 2014, which for the first time allows LNG vehicles to be rated. This is an important new step for the sector, one that indicates a strong expansion of the market for LNG-powered heavy vehicles for medium-length routes.

The Stralis LNG Euro VI has a range of more than 750 kilometres. The tractor AT440S33T/P LNG, in standard configuration, is equipped with four 70-litre CNG tanks and an LNG cryogenic tank of 510 litres. Natural gas is stored in the liquid state at -130°C and at 10 bar pressure, which is converted into its gaseous state before being injected into the engine.

There are numerous advantages with this vehicle, both in terms of environmental sustainability and customer profitability. In terms of emissions, natural-gas engines are much more environmentally friendly than the Diesel Euro VI counterpart. Natural gas is an absolutely clean fuel thanks to its emissions of particulate (-95% in comparison to Diesel) and NOx (-35%) that have been slashed to a bare minimum. Furthermore, these vehicles make it possible to reduce vehicle emissions of CO2 from 10% up to 100% if using bio-methane. Finally, a quieter vehicle is achieved with an average decrease of 5 Decibel in comparison to Diesel, making it perfect for refuse collection and night time deliveries.

From the standpoint of economic sustainability, the vehicle generates savings on the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of up to 10%.  Natural gas is also markedly less expensive than diesel, since it enables fuel costs, the most important issue of the TCO, to be reduced by up to 40%.

CNH Industrial and natural-gas policies
Also, in connection with the event, Michele Ziosi, recently named Director of Institutional Relations for CNH Industrial EMEA, gave the keynote address at the workshop “Successful Policies”. 

The meeting discussed the need for coherent policies for developing natural gas, as well as an integrated approach among the various actors involved with it. The meeting was also the occasion for an exchange of ideas between CNH Industrial, industry stakeholders involved in gas for transportation and in the automotive sector, and European institutions.

11 July 2014