• 15-APR-2013

Iveco at the 30th edition of Bauma 2013



Iveco is taking part at the 30th edition of the Bauma international trade fair in Munich, Germany from April 15th to the 21st. Bauma is the most important exhibition of its kind for the construction and mining industry, held every three years and attracting close to 500,000 visitors.

Fiat Industrial Group is present at Bauma with its three core businesses: CNH, Iveco and FPT Industrial, represented by the Case Construction, New Holland Construction, Iveco, Astra and FPT Industrial brands.

The large exhibition area, located within the interior of Hall B5 features over 2,600 square metres of space and hosts the New Holland Construction, Iveco, Astra and FPT Industrial brands. Construction equipment from Case Construction are positioned in an area located on the exterior grounds.

“Fiat Industrial at work for construction and mining professionals” – this is the inspiration behind the stand design at Bauma. The setup portrays the world of a worksite that is transformed day by day, a place where elements are constantly in motion and the real protagonists are the vehicles and machines that carry out these large scale projects.

A world dedicated to construction comes to life on the Fiat Industrial stand with the use of materials that are typical of a worksite environment. The perimeter of the stand is outlined with cement; technical drawings cover the surrounding walls and wood and plate are used throughout, evoking the look and feel of an open-air construction zone.

The area hosts vehicles from Iveco’s full range as well as construction equipment from New Holland Construction and engines from FPT Industrial: the vehicles and machines are positioned on the stand to simulate construction tasks such as the loading and unloading of cargo.

Consistent with the theme of construction are the reception, dealer offices and common areas. These spaces reside within industrial containers resembling those found on a worksite.

The vehicles on display: Iveco’s complete range

A full spectrum of Iveco off-road vehicles with every carrying capacity will be exhibited on the stand from the lightest segment through to the heaviest. Each of the vehicles demonstrates the principal characteristics that make them ideal for work in construction or mining, from their ability to navigate on rough and uneven terrain to cabin comfort and ergonomics, as well as flexibility depending on use.

The Iveco vehicles on display on the Fiat Industrial stand are: the New Trakker and the Stralis Hi-Way representing the off-road heavy range; the Eurocargo for the medium range and the Daily for the light segment.

The range offering is completed with a full set of vehicle range solutions from the Astra brand, which respond to the most extreme on-road and off-road demands. The stand acts as a stage for the world premiere of the super heavy duty HHD9. The ADT 30 dumper is also displayed on the stand, while the Astra RD32 rigid dump truck is displayed on the Case Construction stand located in the exterior area.


The New Trakker: the off-road solution for all terrain types At the centre of the stand is the heavy-duty New Trakker, Iveco’s signature off-road work vehicle. The model exhibited is the AT400T45 WT version. The New Trakker is built to withstand obstacles present in off-road situations, operating in all climate conditions and challenging terrain types, while offering the comfort of a road vehicle, even for off-road missions.

The FPT Industrial Cursor engines (8 or 13 Euro V) deliver high torque and resistance to the New Trakker, allowing it to face demands year-round.

Its primary characteristic is its robustness: every single component starting from the steel chassis guarantees long-lasting performance. Comfort-wise, the New Trakker features ZF gearboxes available for both manual and automatic transmissions. The manual 9-speed and 16-speed Ecosplit gearboxes are equipped with a servo-shift system for safer and more comfortable driving. The Eurotronic automatic 12-speed and 16-speed gearboxes feature a gear selector built into the steering column stalk.

The vehicle is enhanced by a renewed cab with superior ergonomics, built-in telematics and dashboard controls that are within easy view and access. The Hi-Land version features a short cabin with a normal roof, while the Hi-Track features a longer cabin that can be fitted with either a normal roof or a high roof if required for overnight use. The cab’s redesigned dashboard is made with dyed and coated scratch-resistant plastic. Controls and switches are abrasion-resistant, highly visible and within easy reach for the driver.

The New Trakker recently proved its strength and resistance throughout the course of the Dakar 2013 rally. The vehicle proved pivotal for Team Petronas De Rooy Iveco who placed positively winning the fourth, ninth and thirteenth spots in the overall truck rankings. The extremely challenging race faced in South America demonstrates the vehicle’s ability to react to and tackle a route rife with obstacles such as desert, rock, sand dunes and often dangerous weather conditions. The rally therefore represented a valuable opportunity for Iveco to test its products in action, in extreme conditions, across three large South American countries: the results which followed confirm the excellent reliability of Iveco vehicles as well as their strength and efficiency.

Astra: fit for mining and construction

The Iveco brand associated with extreme on/off-road applications and fully off-road quarry and construction work presents its full range for the first time ever at Bauma.

HHD9, the latest in heavy duty solutions

The super heavy duty Astra HHD9 8x6 tipper chassis makes its world premiere on the stand featuring a 63 tonne GVW. This machine is ideal for mining applications, sporting the FPT Industrial Cursor 13 engine rated at 480 HP (353 kW) and the Allison 4700 fully automatic 7-speed transmission.

The technical solutions adopted on this model contribute to an increase in the robustness, reliability and durability of the product, thus enhancing productivity. These solutions include: heavy duty Kessler axles with reinforced front and rear parabolic suspensions; new front disc brakes for a better steering angle and reduced maintenance costs and time; a heavy duty reinforced chassis made of two flat and parallel side members (320 x 90 x 10mm) with the highest Rail Bending Moment among competitors for greater stability and resistance in the most difficult working conditions.

The cab is made with galvanised steel and has been completely re-designed to reflect the aggressive and original identity of Astra vehicles. The engine hood is prominent with rounded lines. It opens completely along with the deflectors for fast and easy access to maintenance areas.

The HHD range also includes the 6x6 model in chassis and tractor versions for a 50 tonne GVW at 70 km/h and a GCW from 120 up to 250 tonnes, depending on the configuration of the truck.

The almost limitless possibilities to customise the truck (short/long cab, a wide range of gearboxes and configuration options) allow for the realisation of a perfect product fit for specific requests coming from different sectors, from logging to heavy construction, from mining to off-road heavy haulage transportation, to Oil and Gas.

ADT 30, a powerful and reliable dump truck

The indoor exhibition area also hosts the ADT 30, a representative of the Astra Articulated Dump Trucks family. This vehicle is fitted with the FPT Industrial Cursor 10 engine, certified for the Tier 3 non-road machinery exhaust emissions standards and rated at 260 kW. The drive is provided by a fully automated ZF transmission for a 6x6 drive arrangement with fully powered chassis steering. Outstanding mobility, power and reliability are the key features characterising this truck which works entirely off-road with a payload of over 28 tonnes (31sht). The vehicle’s ideal battlefields are the most inaccessible places characterised by mud and uneven terrain.

The cab complies with the ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Objects Protective Structure) standards and is designed around the operator with particular attention to driving comfort and visibility. The productivity of these vehicles must be guaranteed at top levels at all times. For this reason, all of the adopted technological solutions aim at cutting routine and supplementary servicing times: the bonnet is electrically operated to make checking and servicing easier. Even the "gull-wing" front wheel mudguards open fully to ensure the best possible accessibility to mechanical parts under the cab, which can be tipped leftwards by 53 degrees.

The ADT range includes many customisation options according to need: an extra strength body for haulage of rocks or heating for easily dumping material in particularly cold climates. A chassis cab version of the ADT30 model is available for special body configurations, such as tanks, lumber transport beds or even laying concrete.

RD32, simple structure, stronger results

A RD32, Rigid Dump Truck, is displayed on the Case Construction stand in the external exhibition area, completing the off-road truck offering from Astra. The driveline of this model features the FPT Cursor 10 engine, compliant with Tier 3 standards rated at 381 HP (280 kW) coupled with a fully automatic Allison 4560 transmission, 6 speeds forward + 1 reverse.

The typical mission for this type of machine is the transportation of materials from a blasting site to a crusher in a quarry or large excavations for heavy construction (dams, roads, etc.).

The simplicity of the vehicle, manufactured with high-strength steel with two boxed chassis rails, combined with the robustness of its components allow for maximum productivity: long maintenance intervals, high reliability and minimal downtime. The front and rear suspension system is designed to ensure maximum driving comfort: independent steering wheels and hydro-pneumatic suspension cylinders on front end and fork with a Panhard rod on the rear to allow adequate suspension travel on the roughest terrain, while the two hydro-pneumatic cylinders positioned behind the axle provide excellent vertical damping.

The ROPS/FOPS standard compliant cab, positioned on the left, is soundproof and thermally insulated. It is made of steel and features large windows which extend into the lower part of the door to ensure optimal visibility. All instruments are arranged ergonomically around the operator and are easy to use for a complete control and monitoring of the vehicle’s functions.

The Stralis Hi-Way: efficient on the road and quarry too

Following the main players in the field of construction, Iveco is also displaying the heavy range Stralis Hi-Way at Bauma, a vehicle which can be specially equipped for use on worksites. The model on display is a Stralis Hi-Way AS260S46Y/PS equipped with a Euro VI engine and a hooklift hoist body.

This vehicle was recognised as Truck of the Year 2013 at the International Commercial Vehicle Show (IAA) last September in Hanover and represents the latest generation in Iveco heavy-duty road vehicles.

The Stralis Hi-Way combines high performance and quality with a range of integrated services that include programmed assistance, fleet management and driver training for cost-efficient operation. The renewed, Hi-Way cab (2,500 mm) is designed around the driver to offer enhanced ergonomics, comfort, safety and infotainment services. The cab is intended for long-haul missions and can accommodate single or two-man crews.

Thanks to the innovative new HI-eSCR engine technology, patented by FPT Industrial, the Stralis Hi-Way is the only heavy-duty vehicle on the market to meet Euro VI standards without the use of EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). HI-eSCR offers other advantages such as weight reduction, lower fuel consumption and longevity due to less complex and more efficient technology.

The advanced characteristics and technologies present in the Stralis Hi-Way contribute to its low Total Cost of Ownership. A 4% reduction is guaranteed for international missions carried out with a tractor unit for an average of 130,000 kilometres a year and a holding period of 48 months.

Eurocargo: perfect for any challenge

The versatile, medium range Eurocargo is presented at Bauma as a MLC 80E18K version with a tipper body and crane. Recognised for its adaptability to different work environments and multiple assembly combinations, Iveco offers customers in the construction and mining sector an ample set of choices to tailor the Eurocargo according to their requirements.

The Eurocargo chassis can be fitted with a range of bodies depending on size from isothermal trucks to three-sided tippers, cisterns, loading and aerial platforms, as well as small concrete mixers and road sweepers. Vehicle options include: the choice of suspensions, axles and final drive ratios that are most suited to the specific mission; 14 variants in gross vehicle weight (from 6 to 19 tonnes); seven horsepower categories (from 140 to 300 HP); 13 gears (seven manual, three automated and three automatic), 4x2 and 4x4 drive and 15 wheel bases (from 2,790 to 6,570 mm).

The Eurocargo’s flexibility and robust structure is enhanced by the Tector engine range which is noted for its elasticity as well as its high and constant torque values that offer a wide range of revolutions to guarantee smooth driving, fewer gear shifts, less engine wear and greater energy efficiency. All Eurocargo engines are EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicles) approved.

The Daily: Iveco’s light vehicle is also on the job

Iveco’s light range offering is once again in the spotlight, confirming the values that define its DNA: reliability, efficiency and versatility. Iveco attests to the advantageous support of light vehicles on the worksite, proposing its Daily 55S17 DW at Bauma equipped with a tool-box body, all-wheel drive and Sonntag transmission.

Chassis, rear wheel drive, turbo diesel direct injection, 4x4, intercooler, natural gas engines, cargo space from 17.2 m3 and 210 cm in height, common rail, 6-speed gearboxes and 7 tonnes of total mass: these are the strengths that characterise the history of the undisputed star of the light commercial vehicle segment.

On road, off-road, normal cab or double cab, but also in its 4x4 version, the Daily is not only suited for quarry work, but also ideal for its usefulness in the construction industry.

Today, the Daily presents a diversified offering: in terms of the various configurations among which include chassis, engine, wheelbase and body combinations, amounting to over 7,000 different configurations, articulated versions of freight transport, passenger transport and bases for conversions and bodybuilders. The range offers transport professionals over eight different loading volumes, from 7 to 17.2 m3 with a useful payload of more than 4 tonnes, up to 4.7 tonnes for chassis cabs.

Aftersales and financial services

A dedicated after sales service area demonstrates Iveco’s attention to customer care. This welcome area allows visitors the opportunity to better understand the wide range of services, assistance products, original parts and accessories available to them. An example of this is Elements, a series of “made to measure” personalised assistance services for each customer and vehicle.

A selection of original parts, both new and restored, certifies the guaranteed quality along Iveco’s entire supply chain. Moreover, Iveco Parts & Services is present with a line of accessories through the Iveco Shop. These accessories are developed to satisfy aesthetic and comfort needs while driving, ensuring enhanced performance and safety in all conditions for the driver and cargo. All Iveco after sales products and services are designed with the aim of assuring excellent performance from the moment of vehicle purchase as well as throughout its lifecycle.

In the same area, Iveco Capital is present, in order to ensure customers maximum financial support. Iveco Capital is present in 14 markets, supporting customers in all of the principal European markets, offering financing products capable of responding to financial requirements and services for the transport sector. Over 43,000 customers confirm this,receiving constant assistance in the management of their activities through a wide range of financial services which include leasing, financing, operational leasing and rental. Iveco Capital products are available through the Iveco sales network.

​Munich, 15 April 2013