• 26-APR-2016

Iveco Bus launches comprehensive New Daily minibus range to meet Euro VI



The CV Show marks the UK launch of the New Daily minibus range powered by Euro VI engines – delivering more power, lower fuel consumption, best-in-class total cost of ownership (TCO) and increased comfort for both the driver and passengers. The updates make the New Daily minibus range the perfect business partner.

Iveco Bus is expanding its presence in the UK market and using its extensive experience in the passenger transport sector to introduce a full range of New Daily minibus models at Euro VI. The models offer impressive levels of comfort and drivability, as well as guaranteeing efficiency and top performance.

The full range of New Daily minibus models at Euro VI offers solutions for a wide variety of passenger transport missions: from tourist buses equipped for travelling in maximum comfort and style, to intercity vehicles with a category-leading passenger capacity and school buses specifically designed for student transport.

Like the other models in the Daily family, the New Daily minibus is available with a choice of Euro VI heavy duty-approved diesel engines, an ultra-green natural power engine running on compressed natural gas (CNG) or compressed biomethane (CBM) and an eco-friendly fully-electric engine, with zero emissions.

In addition, the New Daily Euro VI minibus can also be fitted with the innovative 8-speed Hi-Matic automatic transmission – the best in class in its category in every mission, from inner-city to long distance –providing absolute driving pleasure and enhanced safety while driving comfortably.

It is also possible to fit a Telma retarder with the Hi-Matic automatic gearbox, which is a winning combination to enhance safety on hilly and mountainous roads.

Featuring a new front grille, the New Daily minibus range offers multiple options in terms of size – lengths ranging from 6m up to 7.5m – and customisation, with extensive choices for the mechanics of the vehicle and the interior fittings.

The bodywork has been completely overhauled, while the supporting chassis has remained unaltered: providing a solid, robust and durable base for the New Daily minibus. Its strength lies in its unique ladder frame chassis which is engineered with C-section side members in special steel and is one of the key features that differentiate the New Daily minibus family from some of the less durable vehicles in the same class.

The use of increasingly thick bodywork, which in turn increases the load capacity, allows for weights and performance to be optimised, obtaining category-leading results. With its outstanding load capacity of up to 6.5 tonnes, no other vehicle in the category offers the load capacity of the New Daily.

The New Daily minibus ensures car-like ergonomics and driver’s comfort thanks to the redesigned driver’s area. The new driver’s seat features a lowered seating point (by 15 mm), while the steering wheel is 20 mm smaller and 7° more vertical, improving comfort and handling.

With 40 mm more glass, which improves visibility by 4°, the new windscreen increases the driver’s field of vision, for maximum safety.

The controls have been positioned in an ideal layout to improve handling, while the new dashboard contains storage compartments which are wider, more practical and easily accessible.

The climate control system boasts higher efficiency and soundproofing to help avoid driver fatigue, even on longer journeys. The dashboard also introduces key new features designed to create a connected professional workstation.

The safety devices fitted on the New Daily minibus include an advanced electronic stability control programme (which Iveco calls ‘ESP9’) and a lane departure warning system (LDWS), which alerts the driver if the vehicle strays out of the lane. Cruise control makes long journeys at sustained speeds even more comfortable for the driver.

Available as an option, the rear pneumatic suspension further increases the superior comfort of the New Daily minibus, whilst the ESP9 system comes as standard on all versions. Other electronic safety devices, like the LDWS and the rear camera, are available on request.

New Daily Tourys: For tourists traveling in style and comfort

The New Daily Tourys is synonymous with comfort and style for tourist buses, in a compact model. This model features reclining seats, an easy-to-reach lowered luggage compartment with a maximum storage capacity of 2.5 m³ and new floor and roof trimming. New high-level standard features such as LED lights and individual air conditioning vents can be complemented with a series of even more exclusive options.

The new Iveco multi-media system makes travelling even more comfortable and enjoyable for the driver – thanks to the in-built satellite navigation system and the reversing camera. Passengers can also make use of an LCD monitor in the cabin.

Among the other equipment available are the USB ports in every seat, a drinks fridge and a coffee machine beside the driver: the perfect companions for long journeys.

The innovative 8-speed Hi-Matic automatic gearbox comes as standard equipment on New Daily Tourys, ensuring maximum performance, minimal running costs, unbeatable comfort and superior gear changes, along with reduced fuel consumption. Each gear change is quicker and more precise when compared to standard 6-speed models, because Hi-Matic ensures that the correct gear is engaged at whatever engine speed, in less than 200 milliseconds. Electronic control allows for two operating modes, which are functional to the specific mission needs: ECO, for smooth, low-speed gear shifting to enhance comfort and keep fuel consumption low, POWER, for faster, higher speed gear shifting to achieve more precise gear engagement and a sporty driving style.

New Daily Line: Spacious, versatile and efficient

The New Daily Line minibus range is ideal for intercity journeys and offers a category-leading passenger capacity to help keep running costs low.

This model is available in a choice of three lengths, with two different door types and various passenger seat layouts offering passenger capacities from 16 to 22 seats. This makes it easy to customise the vehicle according to individual requirements.

The range of fittings is equally wide, with the option to add destination display boards, ticket machine pre-installations and request stop buttons.

Thanks to the rear access ramp and the quick-removal seats in the back rows, which can be specified on request, the New Daily Line facilitates easy access for those with disabilities.

The New Daily Line can also be specified as a 136 hp CNG model, for reduced environmental impact.

New Daily Electric: the zero-emissions minibus

This zero-emissions vehicle is perfect for use as a shuttle bus and in central urban environments, incorporating all of the improvements of the New Daily minibus family, and introducing a range of additional features specific to the electric models.

Specially-designed new high-density batteries and high-power supercapacitor allows the vehicle to accumulate energy, and the integrated design of the latter allows for improved efficiency, reduced energy consumption and an increase in battery life.

Optimised power management means it is now possible to fully charge the New Daily Electric minibus in just two hours, by using a fast-charging terminal. The New Daily Electric minibus is compatible with all public electric charging stations, as well as home or private charging systems. This particular model is available with 16 or 19 seats and can also be equipped with space for wheelchairs. It is specified with two or three high-density batteries, depending on the mission.

Iveco Bus

Iveco Bus sold 2,310 Daily minibuses across Europe in 2015, achieving a 12 per cent market share. It secured a leading position in key markets including Italy (47 per cent), France (31 per cent) and Spain (31 per cent). The company sees strong potential for Iveco Bus to grow further within the UK minibus sector.

Basildon, April 26, 2016