• 18-MAY-2017

IVECO celebrates 1 million Facebook fans


Over 1 million people have shown their attachment and support for IVECO: the brand has welcomed its millionth fan this week and, to celebrate this important digital landmark, it has dedicated a post to all those who travel every day around the world on an IVECO vehicle.

The brand's Facebook fan base has grown exponentially in recent years thanks to the popularity and variety of content, and IVECO’s interaction with fans. This is also due to the fact that IVECO manages 30 local Facebook pages in which each market shares the latest news and is in direct contact with its national community.

IVECO's first national Facebook page was the Italian one, followed by the major European markets. Last year, two major new entries were Russia and Turkey, while the Facebook page with the broadest fan base is Brazil’s.

IVECO's Facebook community has always been very active and interactive, with initiatives such as "Show us your I-VECO", which encourages users to proudly share pictures of their vehicles. For IVECO, it is important to reach the owners of its vehicles and publish images and testimonies from drivers travelling every day on the roads of Europe. This way IVECO tries to give its customers a voice and communicate with them every day.

The same enthusiasm is also inspired by thrilling initiatives such as the Dakar rally, the most watched rally raid in the world, which never fails to excite IVECO’s fans: during the previous 2017 edition, IVECO reached 3 million Facebook and YouTube users in two weeks with 500,000 views and 150,000 interactions. In the coming months the European Truck Racing Championship 2017 will be at the centre of the fans' attention. The brand is already following on the European circuits the Bullen of IVECO Magirus - Team Schwabentruck and Team Hahn - winners of the first Grand Prix in Austria on the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg on May 14th.

Turin, 18 May 2017