• 14-NOV-2014

Iveco Daily 4x4s return from mission across Africa



A pair of specially-equipped Iveco Daily 4x4s have returned from the second ‘Daily4Africa’ tour, crossing Angola, Congo, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti – a journey which took nearly 60 days and saw the vehicles clock-up more than 11,000 km amid the spectacular backdrop of Africa.

Organised by Iveco and Taurinorum  Travel  Team, the objective of the journey was to educate and reinforce the concept of road safety with local populations, as well as demonstrating the high performance and reliability of the Daily 4x4, putting them through their paces amidst the most challenging and remote African terrain.

The Daily4Africa project, a result of the collaboration between Iveco and Taurinorum Team, an agency which specialises in large-scale adventure projects for documentary purposes, helps to promote and consolidate the message of safety and correct behaviour on the road - a central theme of Iveco. This has been the subject of numerous international activities over the last year as well as the launch of the collaboration between Iveco, Iveco Bus, New Holland Agriculture and Case Construction Equipment and the International Automobile Federation (FIA) for the FIA Action for Road Safety campaign. Safety is a fundamental value for Iveco: technology applied to advanced safety systems is an essential tool for protecting the driver, other road users, the vehicle and its cargo.

The expedition, which started in mid-September from Luanda, in Angola, reached Djibouti City, in the Republic of Djibouti, after crossing seven African countries and stopping off at Iveco main dealers throughout the region. During each leg the vehicle was presented to key media outlets, customers and the public, along with organised test drives.

The entire expedition was documented both by video and photographically, results of which have been published on a dedicated website www.daily4africa.com​ and also on the Taurinorum Team Facebook page (www.facebook.com/TaurinorumTeam​).

Iveco in Africa

The arrival in Djibouti also provided the opportunity to take part in the official opening of the new “Al Ghandi” premises, one of Iveco’s key dealers in the Middle East. Al Ghandi is now expanding its presence in the horn of Africa, looking for new business opportunities in the area. It also recently celebrated more than 25 years of collaboration with Iveco.

“An  important  addition  to  Iveco’s  comprehensive  distribution  network  in  Africa,  this  latest development confirms the growing importance of this area for the company,” commented Luca Sra, Iveco Sales Manager for Africa and the Middle East.

Iveco is present in Africa with an entire range of models produced for the local market and operates via 74 dealers and in excess of 100 commercial outlets. In addition, there are more than 120 centres providing aftersales support to customers throughout Africa. The Iveco product range for the African market has been redesigned and adapted to local needs, offering the best performance to cope with extreme weather and road conditions.

Daily 4x4

The Daily 4x4 is built for the most demanding tasks, even on the roughest terrain, thanks to its extreme sturdiness, performance and reliability. Its elevated chassis ensures that the driver has an excellent field of view, a fundamental advantage in situations in which off-road can mean the total lack of a road surface. The approach angle of 50°, ramp angle up to 30°, angle of departure up to 41° and a stream-crossing capacity of 660 mm confirm that it is truly a ‘go anywhere’ vehicle. The cab stands out for its comfort and ergonomic controls.

The heart of the Daily 4x4 is the F1C engine with four in-line cylinders, giving it a total engine size of 3 litres that delivers 146 hp and 350 N/m of torque from 1,400 to 2,600 rpm. The Daily 4x4 is available at two gross vehicle weights (3.5 and 5.5 tonnes), and with either a short or long wheelbase (3,050 mm or 3,400 mm). It can also be factory-built with either a day cab or crew cab. The 3.5 tonne versions have a plated weight of 2,250 kg on the front axle and 2,800 kg on the rear axle, while the 5.5 tonne versions have a plated weight of 2,450 kg on the front axle and 3,700 kg at the rear.

The Daily 4x4 occupies a place in a very important niche market: commercial 4x4 vehicles represent a market that has been growing for years, which confirms the increased interest in professional four- wheel drive, with vehicles capable of going anywhere, utilised primarily for special applications. 

Turin, 14 November 2014