• 23-MAY-2013

Iveco Dual Energy concept at ICPC 2013



The Iveco Dual Energy concept – a flexible architecture that provides two tractions on the same vehicle chassis – was discussed in a Keynote Speech at the 7th AVL International Commercial Powertrain Conference (ICPC) in Graz, Austria.

The ICPC is organized every two years by AVL in cooperation with SAE International. The conference provides a platform for the exchange of strategic and technical issues across the commercial vehicle, agricultural equipment, off-road vehicle and industrial machinery industries.

Alessandro Bernardini, Head of Iveco Innovation Truck and Bus and Alternative Traction and Electrification delivered a speech, presenting his paper on “The hybrid architecture for chassis frame vehicles” to the ICPC forum.  The presentation discussed the Iveco Dual Energy concept, demonstrating how hybrid architecture can improve the overall efficiency of commercial vehicles, allowing them to fully exploit all of the benefits provided by hybrid solutions.

The Iveco Dual Energy concept was first introduced in September 2012 at the IAA Motor Show. It proposes a highly versatile technology for light commercial vehicles that can switch to the most appropriate power source depending on a vehicle’s specific mission. This technology relies on the use of two different types of traction: one exclusively electric, ensuring zero local emissions for urban or low-traffic areas, the other hybrid (thermoelectric), which is suitable for long journeys and extra-urban missions.

The principle of operation consists of just a few steps: the fuel's chemical energy is converted into mechanical energy for motion, whereas kinetic energy, which would be dispersed during braking or vehicle deceleration is recovered and converted into electric energy to be stored in the battery. If necessary, this energy becomes available for traction.

Turin, 23 May 2013