• 13-MAR-2018

IVECO European Truck Station Teams to compete for Best Service title in the second edition of IVECO Service Challenge


The second edition of the IVECO Service Challenge kicked off in January 2018, opening the competition that is part of the brand’s accreditation programme for its network of 250 Truck Stations, the specialised dealer and workshops dedicated to the specific needs of heavy truck fleets.

IVECO’s Truck Station specialisation programme and the Service Challenge aim to guarantee customers quality, fast and efficient service provided by highly trained and experienced technicians using the most advanced diagnostic tools

IVECO launched the second edition of its Service Challenge, the competition that rewards the best service teams in the brand’s European Truck Station network. The first edition saw the teams from 204 Truck Stations compete for the title, demonstrating their professional approach to supporting the heavy truck fleets of IVECO customers across Europe. The thirteen finalist teams gathered in Turin in October for three-day event that included visits to the IVECO Customer Center, the Parts Depot and the engine manufacturing plant and concluded with the awards ceremony. Eight teams from Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Poland and the Czech Republic won the title of Best Truck Station in their respective markets, while the Italian team from Tentori Veicoli Industriali received the Best European Truck Station Award.

The criteria for qualifying in the first edition of the IVECO Service Challenge focused on the team’s efficiency and speed of intervention (Time of Arrival + Time of Repair), the ready availability of Parts (measured through the Parts Availability Index), the technical competence they demonstrated throughout the qualifying months.

The second edition of the Service Challenge extends the judging criteria to include parameters such as Time of Arrival and Repair within 24 hours and efficiency in managing recall campaigns, as well as a more detailed approach to measuring the quality of the support provided by the teams. This will entail verifying if the technicians have completed the required hard skills training, achieving certification, and cross checking that they have the competency needed to carry out every repair on the vehicles arriving in their workshop. The Truck Stations will also be evaluated on Parts availability in their warehouse.

The first edition of the Service Challenge succeeded in engaging the teams across Europe, fostering a friendly competitive spirit among them to be the best. It provided a further incentive for them to commit to the continuous improvement process driven by the Truck Station specialisation programme, contributing to raising the quality of support provided by the network to a new level.

IVECO is setting up a network of 250 Truck Stations across Europe through an accreditation programme that aims to guarantee customers are always able to access the services of a specialised and highly efficient workshop dedicated to the specific needs of heavy truck fleets. Certified Truck Stations have demonstrated they meet a rigorous set of standards covering all business areas, including expert staff training, extended opening hours and higher parts availability. These stringent criteria set the Truck Stations apart for the high quality of the service they provide, based on their expertise and commitment to the customers: their mission is to maximise the vehicles’ downtime and productivity.

Summary of IVECO Truck Station services:

Top quality repairs: Experienced IVECO staff equipped with the most advanced diagnostic tools, excellence in the repairs, speed of delivery, minimum waiting time
Top staff: Best heavy truck sales and aftersales teams
Extended opening hours
Proximity: A network covering all the heavy truck major routes
Parts availability: Quality logistics services and immediate parts availability for a speedy repair of the vehicle
Priority lane: Priority for technical support
Multiple technical services: trailer service; tyre service; body work; AD BLUE® service
Additional services: truck wash facilities, affiliated hotels and much more.

Turin, 13 March 2018