• 26-APR-2016

Iveco HI-SCR system: the most efficient Euro VI technology



Iveco is focussing on the benefits of HI-SCR technology at the CV Show, pointing to significant potential for fleets to reduce their total cost of operation (TCO) under its ‘Regeneration? No Thanks’ banner.

Iveco is putting its patented HI-SCR technology in the spotlight at the CV Show, highlighting the role it played in supporting New Eurocargo’s successful bid to be International Truck of the Year 2016. The company says its solution to heavy-duty Euro VI diesel engines – without exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) – offers multiple advantages including reduced fuel consumption, extended diesel particulate filter (DPF) life and increased safety.

HI-SCR is the only emission control system which does not alter the combustion process, because it works through a fresh and clean air intake rather than relying upon EGR. This means that the combustion temperature remains high and the percentage of particulate is reduced, without the need for an active DPF.

The advantages of HI-SCR

One of the most important advantages of this relates to driver safety, as absolutely no action is required by the driver to operate the system. Engines in New Eurocargo, Stralis and Trakker models have no need to make periodic stops for DPF forced regeneration, meaning there is also no risk of damage to the road surface nor application restrictions. They also benefit from reduced maintenance intervals and associated servicing costs.

Additional benefits include greater efficiency and lower fuel consumption thanks to optimized combustion without the use of EGR and the extraordinary Nitrogen oxide (NOx) conversion efficiency of approximately 97 per cent.

With HI-SCR, there is also no need for fuel to be used to burn particulates and no energy is lost to cool down exhaust gases. In this way both fuel consumption and thermal stress on the post-treatment system are reduced. Fuel consumption is improved by up to 4.5 per cent versus the equivalent Euro V Iveco engine.

The use of a single NOx treatment system downstream of the engine and elimination of the EGR system results in better performance with smaller displacement engines compared to the competition. This benefits the construction process, ensuring the entire emissions system is optimally positioned on the chassis to allow maximum bodybuilding flexibility.

As well as fuel savings versus Iveco’s Euro V predecessor, Stralis models show a reduction in oil consumption of 20 to 50 per cent, and an improvement of 10 to 15 per cent in emission quality and reliability. In addition, HI-SCR guarantees higher maintenance intervals (oil changes every 150,000 km and DPF changes every 600,000 km), plus further improved residual values thanks to an even more reliable powertrain.

Iveco engines with HI-SCR technology are typically less complex and lighter than Euro VI engines from other manufacturers – resulting in a considerable payload advantage.

Basildon, April 26, 2016