• 02-JAN-2013

Iveco Irisbus to provide 182 new buses to the city of Turin



Iveco Irisbus delivered the first four Citelis and Crossway buses to the city of Turin’s transport commission (GTT), at a ceremony held on 21 December 2012 in Turin’s Piazza Vittorio. Among those present at the ceremony were Transit Councillors for the Region of Piedmont and the city of Turin, the CEO of GTT and Enzo Gioachin, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Iveco.

The delivery is part of a significant contract to supply over 180 buses to (GTT), a leader in the mobility sector transporting over 200 million passengers per year, providing both urban, suburban and intercity public transport services. The contract envisages the delivery of 86 12 and 10.7 metre Crossway vehicles from the city and intercity ranges, 19 of which 12 metre Low-Entry Suburban models and 96 12 metre Citelis Diesel models. The vehicles will contribute to the renewal of the company’s existing city transport fleet, initiated last year.

The supplied Crossway models, the 12 metre Low Entry Sub-urban and 10.7 and 12 metre Intercity Normal Floor, are equipped with FPT Industrial Cursor 8 engines, EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicles), with 330 to  380  HP. The braking system is integrated with a slow  motion auxiliary Intarder in addition to EBS (Electronic Braking System) and ESP (Electronic Stability Program) safety systems. The vehicles are also equipped with air conditioning, route maps and LED lights in the passenger areas.

The Low Entry, which literally has lowered entry doors, is a solution which is available for all versions in the range (urban, suburban and intercity). The vehicle is well-appointed to serve the demands and needs of intercity transport, which requires excellent accessibility features combined with a high seating capacity. The Crossway LE ordered by GTT is highly accessible thanks to the 1,200 mm double door solutions present at the centre present and the 800 mm solutions present at the rear which are lowered to street level.

The Citelis bus is noted for its reduced environmental impact and low energy consumption, implementing engines from the Diesel FPT Industrial Cursor 8 range with 290 HP. The Citelis GTT will be equipped with air conditioning, a platform for the disabled and an automatic transmission. The range is available in three sizes (10.5, 12 and 18 metres), which can operate with natural gas, Diesel or in Hybrid mode. The EEV-approved Cursor 8 engines are available in the Diesel range from 245 to 380 HP, in the Natural Gas range from 245 to 330 HP and in the hybrid range from 300 HP. The bus features a lowered platform that spans the entire length of the vehicle, whatever its configuration and number of doors.

With this important delivery commission, Iveco affirms its leadership and dedication to the collective transport sector, with its range of custom solutions that are ideal for both city and intercity contexts.

Turin, 2 January 2013