• 17-FEB-2016

Iveco is all over the world, with the new, improved dealer locator



A new version of the Iveco Dealer Locator tool is now online, allowing visitors to locate their nearest Iveco sales points and service centres within a given geographical area.

Everywhere. Iveco is all over the world with the new dealer locator” is the slogan that accompanies a recent project to overhaul the dealer locator tool. In the tool’s "Find Dealer" section, users can now move around a full-screen map that displays key information relating to Iveco's sales and service points. Users can also access a navigation function, to find out how best to reach their selected location.

The tool is optimised for use on all types of smartphones and tablets, and immediately geo-locates users on their first access, in order to provide the information they need to reach their nearest sales or service centre.

The tool’s simple, intuitive interface helps visitors make a selection through activating a series of filters, such as type of dealer, vehicle range or service required, and also offers the opportunity to contact the sales point directly.

Once again, Iveco confirms its role as Business Partner – one of the company’s key brand values – by remaining close to customers and providing constant, reliable, friendly service, and ensuring all Iveco users are provided with a bespoke solution to their requirements.

Turin, 17 February 2016