• 18-SEP-2014

Iveco New Daily Drives across continents supporting the Maserati "China-Italy Centennial Rally"



The Maserati “China-Italy Centennial Rally” provided an opportunity for the New Daily, which was launched in Europe in June 2014, to demonstrate its performances of driving comfort and driveability, strength and durability, as well as its exceptional fuel efficiency. The first leg of the Centennial Rally, which started in Beijing on the 11th of August and covered just over 2,000 km to the Russian border, was supported by an Iveco PowerDaily van, produced in China and a favourite with Chinese transport businesses. The New Daily took over at the border and remained with the fleet of Maserati cars. They covered a distance of about 10,000 km across Russia, Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy, arriving in Modena to take part in Maserati's global centennial gathering. In supporting the rally throughout this long drive, the New Daily was set up as a mobile workshop and well stocked with Maserati spare parts  and has proved to be strong like a truck and drive like a car.

To celebrate the Tour’s arrival in Modena, the New Daily hosted the fleet of six Maserati cars at the Suzzara plant, near Mantua, where the Iveco light commercial vehicle is produced, and where the company has recently made significant investments to renew its production facilities and meet the required high quality standards and productivity levels. 

The New Daily 35S15V that supported the Rally features a highly efficient 2.3 litre, 4-cylinder, 146 hp engine. The long drive across 5 countries has highlighted the quality of the exceptionally comfortable and quiet interior compartment, that guarantees the driving position and sensations typical of a premium automobile. It has also shown the strength and durability of its proven ladder frame chassis structure which has long been a key part of the DNA of this well-known range.
This is the third generation of an outstanding range, and it has been entirely redesigned to deliver the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. It builds on the proven strengths of the Daily range, that have always made the Daily a reference point for the sector and the new vehicle is presented as being convenient and practical to use as a light van, whilst continuing to offer the maximum reliability, efficiency and versatility to be the working companion of choice for transport professionals.

18 September 2014