• 21-SEP-2016

Iveco New Stralis TCO2 Champion achieves two TÜV certificates: -11.2% fuel consumption for the truck and -10% for TCO2 Live services


TÜV, leading European technical certification centre, validates that New Stralis TCO2 Champion can reduce fuel consumption by up to -11.2 %, and its TCO2 Live services can cut a further -10%.

Iveco announced today at the IAA 2016 that the New Stralis XP achieved TÜV SÜD certification of an 11.2% reduction in fuel consumption, which accounts for more than 40% of the Total Cost of Ownership. For the first time, TÜV also validated the TCO Live services.

Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President, commented: “At Iveco we believe that Sustainability is the future of transport. The New Stralis TCO2 Champion and all the vehicles we are showing here at IAA 2016 are the result of our constant quest for high efficiency, low emissions and low Total Cost of Ownership. The New Stralis and its completely renewed driveline enable the fleet owner to optimise the driver’s influence on fuel consumption. This, together with the numerous fuel-saving features, delivers a dramatic improvement in fuel efficiency.”

The first certificate issued by TÜV SÜD focuses on the product: it compares the New Stralis TCO2 Champion with the previous Stralis model MY2013 with the Stralis Efficiency Package, a series of features aimed at reducing TCO and in particular fuel use. The comparison shows an improvement in fuel consumption of up to -11.2 %.
The second certificate concerns the fuel consultancy services in TCO2 Live (TCO2 Smart Report, TCO2 Advising and TCO2 Driving), and shows an improvement in fuel consumption up to-10%.

The tests on the fuel consultancy services were made by using the same vehicle, the New Stralis, with the same route and the same drivers, with and without the support of Iveco’s fuel consultancy services. The drivers have been trained on which functionalities are on board, how to use them and how to drive in the most efficient and ecological way.

Iveco TCO2 Live is a new modular portfolio of services that includes for the first time new-generation services and extends to fleet management and traditional after-sales activities. Three of these new services are based on fuel consultancy helping customers operate their New Stralis in the most fuel-efficient manner: TCO2 Smart Report, a weekly reporting on driving style and fuel consumption of each vehicle in the fleet; TCO2 Advising, advice on fuel saving by a Iveco local expert team saving based on the wealth of information collected through Iveco’s real-life truck analysis. Both can be integrated by TCO2 Driving, fuel-conscious driving style courses.

The fuel savings validated by TÜV SÜD confirm the experience of selected customers from across Europe who took part in the Golden Trucks initiative: they tested seven New Stralis for 3 months and achieved fuel savings of up to 11% compared to the Stralis 2013.
The two TÜV SÜD certifications and the Golden Trucks results are testament to Iveco’s commitment to sustainability and TCO, and show that the New Stralis delivers on its promise as the TCO2 Champion.

Hanover, 21 September 2016