• 03-NOV-2016

Iveco presents its latest solutions in sustainable fuels for the commercial vehicles sector at the Fuel Choice Summit in Tel Aviv, Israel


  • Iveco took part in Fuel Choices Summit 2016 in Tel Aviv about Israel’s national program for alternative fuels in transportation
  • Iveco and Iveco Bus are recognized leaders in the development, manufacture and distribution of vehicles running on compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and biomethane.
  • Iveco delivered the New Stralis NP running on Compressed Natural Gas – Israel’s first ever natural gas powered vehicle – to Fridenson Group, one of largest logistics companies in the country.
Iveco took part in the Fuel Choices Summit 2016, an international event held on November 2-3 in the Habima National Theater in Tel Aviv, Israel. The brand presented the results and updates on its activities related to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) – signed in February 2015 between FCA, Iveco, Magneti Marelli and the Israel Fuel Choices Initiative – establishing a co-operation between the parties to develop alternative fuel and natural gas-based technologies.

The Fuel Choices Summit explored and exhibited innovation in alternative fuels and smart mobility, providing a platform for a dialogue about the world’s most forward-thinking approaches to transportation in order to promote Israel’s ambitious goal of reducing 60% of the country’s oil consumption by 2025. The fourth annual edition of the Fuel Choices Summit was hosted by Israel’s Prime Minister and counted 1,500 participants, 1,000 entrepreneurs, 300 international guests, 450 start-ups, numerous scientists, speakers, and automotive and energy companies from more than 30 countries. The Government of Israel has set an objective to establish the country as an alternative fuels knowledge hub and, as such, the Fuel Choices Initiative, Israel’s national program for alternative fuels in transportation, serves as a catalyst for the reduction of global dependence on crude oil.

Together with FPT Industrial, CNH Industrial’s powertrain business, Iveco has gained a technological advantage in natural gas engines by developing a complete range of CNG and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) vehicles – from the Daily light commercial vehicle, to the Urbanway citybus, and the New Stralis LNG for long-haul transport launched last June. These vehicles highlight the potential of methane as a fuel for commercial vehicles, public transport vehicles and public service vehicles, in which the brand also plays a leading role at an international level.

In Israel, the partnership with the Israel Fuel Choices Initiative marked a concrete result last year with the delivery of the first ever natural gas powered vehicle in the country: an Iveco Stralis running on CNG ordered by Fridenson Group, one of Israel’s largest logistics companies. The transaction was managed by MCA, Iveco’s exclusive importer in Israel.

Iveco leads the European market, holding the largest market share, for alternative fuel vehicles currently on the road with a running park of more than 16,000 vehicles, including 5,800 dedicated to public transport. Last year, more than 900 natural gas vehicles were delivered to customers and 25% of low floor city bus units produced by Iveco Bus in Europe were powered by natural gas.

Today, Iveco is ready to offer its full range of natural gas vehicles in Israel through importer MCA and its established service network. Within the context of a transport system focused on alternative fuels, such as the one planned by the Israel Fuel Choices Initiative, the New Stralis NP, together with Iveco’s complete natural gas product range, represents the perfect answer to achieving a fully sustainable transport system.

Speaking at the Summit, Clement Chandon, Iveco Heavy Line Gas Business Development EMEA, explained: “Iveco’s Natural Power is a future-proof technology because it provides a solution to both local and global pollutants: it generates low CO2 levels with natural gas and close to zero with biomethane, ultra-low NOx and PM emissions, and low noise in all conditions, which is so important when performing night time urban missions. Iveco offers the widest range of natural gas vehicles, and in the heavy duty truck segment we were visionary. We anticipated market demand, investing early on and starting a market revolution in 2010 with the first articulated truck.”

The New Stralis NP (Natural Power) is the only truck that can run on Compressed or Liquid Natural Gas, or a blend of the two, to deliver the power rating, comfort, transmission technology and fuel autonomy to suit long-distance haulage missions. The new Cursor 9 Natural Power Euro VI engine is the first of its kind to deliver the same power and torque output as its diesel equivalent. The LNG version of the New Stralis NP has a record range autonomy of 1,500 km, resulting in it being the first true long-haul gas truck on the market that offers an alternative to diesel vehicles and the most sustainable long-distance transport truck ever.

Tel-Aviv, 3 November 2016