• 02-JUL-2019

IVECO S-WAY: the 100% connected truck unlocks a world of new services and functionalities to optimise TCO


The IVECO S-WAY’s new connectivity was developed to maximise the vehicle’s uptime and provide transport operators with a consistent and predictive service to deliver low Total Cost of Ownership and help them ensure their businesses’ profitability.

The IVECO S-WAY’s connectivity unlocks new tailored professional fuel advising, fleet management and maintenance services to optimise the fleet’s performance and efficiency.

It is designed to enhance the driver’s life on board, providing a superior driving experience with advanced driver assistance and smart driving features combined with services developed to help them operate effortlessly and efficiently, accessed through the user-friendly MyIVECO EASY Way App.

The IVECO S-WAY introduces a new world of connectivity that keeps the driver, fleet owner, dealer and IVECO constantly connected, sharing and participating in building the business’s profitability. It is designed to support logistics operators and fleet managers by optimising the vehicle’s uptime, fuel efficiency and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), as well as helping the driver operate effortlessly and efficiently, further enhancing their on-board living and driving experience.

Carmelo Impelluso, Head of IVECO Brand Europe, commented: “We developed the connectivity for the new IVECO S-WAY and the related services with two key areas of focus. The first one addresses the key industry trends of digitalisation and servitisation to improve our customers’ productivity and TCO by maximising the vehicle’s uptime while reducing the risk of breakdowns and unplanned stops. The second priority addresses logistics operators’ need to attract skilled drivers: we took every opportunity to use technology and connectivity to improve their driving experience, make life on board easier and help them improve their driving safety.”

Marco Liccardo, Head of Medium & Heavy Trucks Global Product Line, added: “The new IVECO S-WAY has been developed based on these industry megatrends: it comes with a powerful connectivity enabler – the new, advanced Connectivity box – and a new off-board service platform to provide many added-value services. It is the culmination of a development process started with the Stralis, which already introduced services enabled by digitalisation. In its final edition, currently on the market, Stralis is already a connected truck, providing real-time data for uptime and fuel economy maximization.”

Uptime monitoring and optimised fleet management with My IVECO Way Solutions

The brand-new Connectivity box inside the IVECO S-WAY is linked to the new “Microsoft Azure” cloud-based infrastructure that enables a new range of services, shifting from a reactive to a proactive approach to offer predictive maintenance and service planning.

It puts the vehicle in direct communication with IVECO’s Control Room, providing real-time data. IVECO specialists then monitor the vehicle round-the-clock to maximise the vehicle’s uptime and productivity through a proactive approach using alerts triggered by diagnostics trouble codes, the Remote Assistance Service tool for remote diagnostics, teleservices and over-the-air software updates, with the aim of minimising visits to the dealer’s workshop. They also take preventative actions triggered by fault code alerts and state-of-health monitoring of battery, brake pads, fuel filters and other consumables, so that customers are able to plan the necessary service stops more efficiently.

The connectivity of the IVECO S-WAY also offers multiple features to help fleet managers optimise their efficiency and reduce their TCO. They can be easily accessed on the MYIVECO portal and app, enabling customers to monitor their vehicle from their desktop computer or on the move from their mobile device. They can analyse its fuel consumption and the driver’s driving style in real time in order to identify ways to optimise the fleet’s performance. The on-board Driving Style Evaluation (DSE) system generates weekly Smart Reports that include the vehicle’s key parameters, the driver’s use of predictive functions, and suggestions on how to improve the driving style to optimise fuel consumption and vehicle use. The real-time data provided by the vehicle also enables fleet managers to plan maintenance and repair interventions efficiently to reduce unplanned stops and maximise the life of the monitored components based on the real usage of the vehicle.

The IVECO S-WAY also offers new tailored fleet management services enabled by its connectivity. The new professional fuel advising service provides detailed analysis of the vehicle’s fuel consumption and suggestions from IVECO’s experts on ways to improve fuel economy based on comparisons with mission-based ideal consumption estimates. Real-time monitoring and alerts on events that may affect the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, such as tyre pressures, filter clogging and trailer further contribute to increasing fuel savings.

The IVECO S-WAY offers a new advanced logistics and despatching service in partnership with Verizon and Astrata, which enables the fleet manager to track and trace the vehicle through a Geofencing function and provides a Remote Tacho Download (RTD) service. Alternatively, the MYIVECO Web Application Interface (API) seamlessly interacts with the customer’s fleet management system to provide all the vehicle’s data in one system.

Effortless operation and safe driving with on-board connectivity

The connectivity of the IVECO S-WAY was also developed with the driver in mind, to help them operate effortlessly and drive safely. The new IVECO EASY app is designed to facilitate the driver’s life on board, enabling them to control all the cabin and vehicle management functionalities on their mobile device. In addition, they can use the app to activate the Assistance Non-Stop service and access the Remote Assistance Service.

Drivers can also take their digital life on board with Apple Car Play, which enables them to mirror their mobile device on the new infotainment system and use all the functionalities safely while driving.

The new connectivity also enables monitoring of the driver’s use of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), generating reports with suggestions to help them improving their driving style and safety on the road.

Madrid, 2nd July 2019