• 11-JAN-2017

IVECO secures conquest heavy truck order from John Pointon & Sons


Competitive monthly rate and a great demonstrator experience seals the deal for eight new Stralis Hi-Way tractor units

Sherwood Truck & Van is delivering a fleet of eight IVECO Stralis Hi-Way 6x2 tractor units into service with Staffordshire-based John Pointon & Sons, supplied on a three year lease via IVECO Capital.

The new arrivals are the first IVECO heavy trucks to join the customer’s current fleet, replacing older vehicles from two different marques. They were chosen following the successful trial of a Stralis Hi- Way demonstrator, combined with an ultra-competitive monthly lease rate which includes full R&M at Sherwood’s dealership in Stoke-on-Trent – conveniently located just nine miles away.

Mark May, Transport Manager at John Pointon & Sons, says: “Jeremy Hulme at Sherwood Truck & Van has been as good as gold in getting the deal done quickly. He found the precise specification of trucks we wanted, and could supply them exactly when we wanted them for a very attractive monthly rate.

“We have contracted each vehicle for 160,000 km a year, and we’re confident they’ll compare well on fuel with the rest of our fleet. The spec of the Hi-Way is also perfect for our business – drivers love a big premium cab with double bunks, plus now we get adaptive cruise control as standard equipment.”

Prior to entering service, each of the Stralis AS440S46TX/Ps had been fitted with a tipper wet kit by Commercial Vehicle Hydraulics – ready to operate with a fleet of predominantly tri-axle tipper trailers. The vehicles will support the collection of more than half a million tonnes of animal by-products and food waste each year, providing an essential, reliable and sanitary service for UK industry.

With fuel efficiency front-of-mind for the company, each truck features IVECO’s intelligent Eco-Roll function – an advanced system that constantly monitors the road angle, looking for opportunities to safely shift into neutral on downhill stretches, before re-engaging a gear at the end of a descent for normal operation. Additional fuel saving features include a revised engine oil management system to reduce energy absorption within the oil pump and provide faster warming of the engine, coupled with an initial-fill of OW-20 low viscosity engine oil to boost engine efficiency and stretch oil service intervals.

All eight tractors are powered by IVECO’s proven Cursor 11 engine which produces up to 460 hp between 1,500 and 1,900 rev/min, and up to 2,150 Nm of torque between 925 and 1,500 rev/min. This is achieved thanks to IVECO’s patented HI-SCR system, which meets Euro VI limits without the need for active regeneration of the diesel particulate filter. This is a major benefit as it reduces the downtime which vehicles utilising purely EGR may experience on a regular basis during regeneration phases.

The HI-SCR technology also contributes to the Stralis Hi-Way’s long service intervals for the diesel particulate filter of up to 600,000km.

Basildon, January 11, 2017