• 26-FEB-2016

Iveco signs agreement with Italian Biogas Consortium on environmental sustainability



Iveco and the Italian Biogas Consortium (CIB - Consorzio Italiano Biogas), two of the biggest Italian companies engaged in the reduction of exhaust emissions, revealed the details of their collaboration to promote the use of alternative fuels during the “Stati Generali del Biogas” (Biogas General Assembly) conference that opened the Biogas Italy event in Rome.

Iveco announced the launch of an initiative in collaboration with the Italian Biogas Consortium (CIB), a point of reference in the Italian biogas sector, at the second edition of Biogas Italy, the international event dedicated to the world of biogas held in Rome on 25 and 26 February.

The official announcement of the agreement was made at the Stati Generali del Biogas conference, in the presence of a number of institutions, agricultural associations and representatives from Italian industry involved in sustainable mobility and natural gas. Among other things, this agreement covers the supply of Iveco natural gas and biomethane vehicles to Consortium-registered companies. This action marks the beginning of the collaborative effort of the two leading Italian players in the alternative fuels industry, united by the common goal of reducing CO2 emissions.

Biomethane is an advanced biofuel obtained from the biogas upgrading process, and can be used at no additional cost in vehicles powered by natural gas. Europe has acknowledged the strategic value of this biofuel for the transport sector and for its contribution to compliance with Directive 2009/28/EC on renewable energy sources. The Directive stipulates that a mandatory 10% minimum target must be achieved by all Member States for the share of biofuels in transport petrol and diesel consumption by 2020.

Mihai Daderlat, Iveco Business Director for the Italian Market, made the following comment: “On this occasion, we are proud to be able to highlight the competitive advantage offered by Iveco. With the most complete range of natural gas-powered vehicles on the market and 25 years of experience in the alternative traction sector, we are now able to meet the increasingly rigorous demands of environmentally-conscious stakeholders in the transport sector, including those of all of our customers and the communities in which they operate”. 

During the second edition of Biogas Italy, Michele Ziosi, CNH Industrial Head of Institutional Relations for the EMEA and Asia Pacific Region, spoke about the current situation with regard to biomethane in Europe and in Italy, and provided insights into the strategic role that CNH Industrial has to play in developing this market.

​Turin, 26 February 2016