• 11-JUL-2018

IVECO stand at IAA 2018, in collaboration with SHELL, will be a Low Emission Area – 100% Diesel Free – displaying a full offering of alternative Electric, CNG and LNG traction vehicles available on the market today to cover every mission from passenger transport to long-distance haulage


IVECO’s display will highlight the far-reaching environmental benefits of natural gas in transport – which can deliver emissions cuts of more than 90% for NO2, 99% for particulate matter and 95% for CO2 with biomethane – and of electric technology in specific urban transport missions.

At the IAA 2018 IVECO will collaborate with Shell, which shares the belief that de-carbonisation of the transport sector requires a range of fuels and technologies. Also on the IVECO stand will be key customers and a bodybuilder.

IVECO will hold a Round Table on “The energy transition towards a sustainable future” and host a series of workshops exploring specific topics relating to the adoption of alternative traction technologies in the transport sector and the opportunities for a circular economy approach.

IVECO will participate in the 67th edition of the IAA Commercial Vehicles (IAA), the most important international event in the commercial vehicle industry, which will be held in Hanover from September 20 to 27, 2018. IVECO will dedicate its presence at the exhibition to sustainable transport.

On its stand, which will be a Low Emission Area, it will showcase its full offering of alternative traction vehicles, available on the market today, and able to match the requirements of every mission, from passenger transport to long-distance haulage. The forward-looking brand will invite industry experts to join it in Round Table and workshop events to discuss the energy transition in the transport industry and related topics.

IVECO’s 360-degree approach to sustainable transport also extends to supporting the development of the refuelling infrastructure – and at the IAA 2018 its stand will also feature the global energy supplier Shell, which shares its belief that de-carbonisation of the transport sector requires a range of fuels and technologies.

Pierre Lahutte, IVECO Brand President, commented: “The pressure on Diesel is mounting: public opinion has turned against it. EU institutions and national governments are introducing policies and subsidies to support the conversion of fleets to environmentally friendly technologies. At IAA, with its Diesel Free stand illustrating a Low Emission Area, IVECO, in collaboration with SHELL, will demonstrate that its Electric, CNG and LNG full offering is available today as a viable alternative to diesel vehicles. Visitors to the exhibition will discover a stand full of alternative traction vehicles, developed with customers and body builder partners, covering every mission – and not a single diesel engine in sight!”

IVECO’s display at the IAA 2018 will show its approach to sustainable transport, with an energy mix that matches the requirements of the different missions. It sees electric propulsion as having an important role to play, especially in high-value missions such as people transport – particularly in low speed missions in city centres. The other key energy source is natural gas, which provides a mature solution for sustainable transport of people and goods. IVECO will highlight the considerable environmental advantage of natural gas, which is able to deliver massive reductions in the most polluting emissions: in excess of 90% for NO2, 99% for particulate matter, 10% for natural gas which rises as high as 95% with biomethane.

The 18 vehicles on display will showcase IVECO’s sustainable solutions, from city people mobility all the way to long-haul freight, which make up a complete offering.

For city public transport, the stand will showcase the approaches CNH Industrial’s two bus brands have adopted towards achieving sustainable mobility.

HEULIEZ BUS, which pioneered electric technology to become the leader in France for urban transport and number one for hybrids in Continental Europe, has taken the path of advanced battery technology. On display will be the 12-metre GX Series electric 2-door version for Bus Rapid Transit systems, which features a high-energy battery that ensures extended autonomy on one charge. This range also offers an 18m version that can be charged with a high power battery and fast charging. HEULIEZ BUS’s wide-ranging approach extends to tools and services to facilitate its customers’ adoption of electric traction: a simulation of the electromobility system to help identify the solution that precisely matches their requirements, rental solutions for the battery, a choice of modular and scalable battery types, chargers sourced from leading European providers, as well as remote data management and proactive maintenance services.

IVECO BUS has taken the path of reducing the battery on board the vehicle to a minimum with its In-Motion-Charging technology featured in the new electric IVECO BUS Crealis on display. This vehicle combines the electric overhead lines with a small on-board battery. This means that a new electric bus route can be deployed even if it has portions without overhead lines, it considerably reduces complexity and costs, and no time is lost for recharging. The Crealis In-Motion-Charging has been awarded the Innovation Award at the Paris Salon du Transport Public 2018 for this groundbreaking innovation.

Also for urban people transport IVECO will show its zero-emission Daily Electric Minibus, which together with the Daily Electric delivery van, offers the perfect solution for people and goods transport in the busy traffic of city centres. The Daily Electric is part of the Daily Blue Power range, “International Van of the Year 2018”.

For suburban public transport, IVECO BUS has also pursued the natural gas solution, and will display the Crossway Low Entry Natural Power, “Sustainable Bus of the Year 2018”. This vehicle features a unique design with the natural gas tanks integrated into the roof space, has its autonomy up to 600 km and delivers the high performance and low emissions of the Cursor 9 Natural Power engine.

For urban and suburban transport, IVECO will show five versions of the Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power, the first CNG vehicle with an 8-speed automatic gearbox in the LCV industry and a Daily Electric Minibus. With their very different configurations, they will demonstrate the wide variety of missions this vehicle family is able to serve while freeing transport operators from the constraints of the strictest emissions and noise abatement regulations.

IVECO will also present its natural gas solutions for regional and long-distance goods transport, which also cater for the requirements of city centre and night-time deliveries. Two Eurocargo – the Truck the City Likes and Truck of the Year 2016 – in CNG version will be on the stand. Both models are already compliant with EURO VI Step D emissions standards, one year ahead of time. To showcase the variety of missions this medium line range covers, one will be a 3-way tipper application and the other a road sweeper developed by Johnston, the competence centre for truck-mounted sweepers of the Bucher Municipal Group. With their low emissions and quiet operation, the Eurocargo NP trucks can enter restricted traffic areas in city centres, a key advantage in multi-drop missions and Municipal missions.

For longer distance missions with city centre and night time deliveries, IVECO will show a 26-ton Stralis NP 400 rigid with refrigerated body, featuring for the first time a Carrier Supra CNG technology to power the cooling group. This truck represents an industry first, with the refrigerated vehicle’s two diesel engines being replaced by state-of-the-art stoichiometric natural gas engines. This truck delivers ultra-low NO2 and particulate matter emissions, low CO2 and Piek certified quiet operation – ideal for supplying city-centre supermarkets at night. The set up includes 3 CNG tanks for a range autonomy of 1,000 km.

In long distance missions, IVECO leads the way with the Stralis NP, the first natural gas truck specifically designed for long-haul transport on the market. The 7 vehicles on display will include articulated and rigid versions, and the unique Stralis X-Way Natural Power equipped with a Cifa electric concrete mixer. Among them will be the latest introduction, the Stralis NP 460: elected Low Carbon Truck of the Year in the UK, it is the only full range of natural gas heavy trucks with the latest-generation automated transmission designed to serve all missions.

All the vehicles on display show IVECO’s commitment to delivering low Total Cost of Ownership to the benefit of its customers’ profitability. This begins with the exceptional fuel efficiency of its vehicles, as demonstrated by recent press tests that have seen the Stralis XP 480 prove to be among the top market players in fuel efficiency, and the Stralis NP 460 do even better and reach the top of the ranking with the lowest consumption.

IVECO is also involved in a variety of projects aiming to create circular economies in passenger and freight transport. This commitment has led to the partnership with the French city of Lille, which operates a public transport fleet of IVECO BUS Natural Power vehicles running on biomethane generated from the city’s household waste collection. IVECO is also involved in the creation of the first real example of a methane-based circular economy that bring the entire biogas value chain on a single site, in partnership with Pot au Pin Energie, Air Liquide and Carrefour: biomethane generated from intermediary crops grown on site supplies a refuelling station – also on site –and is introduced into the GRDF gas distribution grid.

Frankfurt, 11 July 2018