• 18-NOV-2015

Iveco takes the lead on sustainable transport with its display at Solutrans 2015



A premiere: the New Eurocargo “International Truck of the Year 2016” CNG engines on all models: the Daily, the New Eurocargo and the Stralis All Daily models on display feature the exclusive Hi-Matic 8-speed gearbox A range of chassis configurations on the stand, for a stronger partnership with bodybuilders “Iveco. Your partner for Sustainable Transport

Iveco presents its entire range and services at the 2015 edition of Solutrans at Lyon Eurexpo demonstrating with the 19 vehicles on show (including 8 on an outdoor test track) its commitment to technology aimed at delivering low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and sustainable transport.

Solutrans is the French Bodybuilder Federation (Fédération Française de la Carrosserie) trade fair; at this event Iveco has decided to honour the bodybuilders for its vehicles by displaying a selection of different chassis configurations on the stand, all chosen for their innovative nature and commercial importance within the sector.

The 11 vehicles on display in the Iveco stand are:

- The Daily 35 S13 A8 D Hi-Matic double cab model with JPM tipper

- The Daily 35 S21 A8 V9 Hi-Matic van 9 m 3

- The Daily 70 C21 A8 Hi-Matic vehicle transporter bearing the "All Blacks" livery

- The Eurocargo ML140 E25P

- The Eurocargo ML120 EL21P CNG "Natural Power" chassis

- The Eurocargo ML160 E28P chassis with sleeper cab

- The Stralis Hi-Street AD 190 S42 P ADR tank carrier

- The Stralis Hi-Way AS 440 S56TP "Le Mans all-options limited edition" road tractor

- The Stralis Hi-Road AT 440 S33TP LNG "Natural Power", the No. 1 CNG truck in France and in Europe

- The Trakker Hi-Land AD 340T45 8x4 carrier with Jocquin site tipper, to represent the "bodybuilder drop-off/Order & Drive" offer by Iveco France

- "Iveco Vision", a technological concept for the future of mobility.

Also present on the stand is an Iveco Cursor 8 CNG engine, an exclusive Hi-Matic 8-speed automatic transmission and a Case CX18B mini-excavator displayed on a Daily vehicle transporter.

Eight other vehicles will also be available for viewing on an outdoor test track:

- The Daily 35 S13 A8 Hi-Matic with JPM tipper and trunk

- The Daily 35 S14N V12 CNG "Natural Power" van

- The Daily 35 S17 A8 V16 Hi-Matic van

- The Eurocargo ML120 EL21P CNG "Natural Power" with Pastore aluminium body

- The Eurocargo ML 180 E32 P with tipper

- The Eurocargo ML75E 21P LPG "Natural power" with tank

- The Stralis Hi-Street AD190 S33P CNG "Natural Power" truck with body and tailgate

- The Stralis AT 440 S33 TP tractor.

With these vehicles, Iveco is presenting all of its exclusive technologies:

- the Euro VI diesel engines without EGR (“Regeneration? No thanks!")

- the Euro VI engines that run on natural gas, compressed biomethane or liquefied fuel

- the exclusive Hi-Matic 8-speed automatic transmission.

The New Eurocargo, voted "International Truck of the Year 2016"!

The New Eurocargo, the truck the city likes, has been voted "International Truck of the Year 2016" by a jury of 25 journalists representing the most important industrial vehicle magazines in Europe. This prestigious trophy – the fourth of its kind awarded to Iveco over the last 4 years – is proof of Iveco’s technical excellence, its commitment to reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and for transport that respects the environment.

Faced with serious competition, the new Iveco medium truck won over the jury for having made “the greatest contribution to road transport efficiency based on criteria that included technical innovation, comfort, safety, driveability, fuel economy, environmental footprint and total cost of ownership (TCO)”.

This fourth victory follows the "International Truck of the Year 2013" award won by the Stralis, the "International Van of the Year 2015" won by the Daily and the "International Coach of the Year 2016" award for the Magelys. These awards are an important recognition of Iveco’s technological excellence aimed at protecting the environment and reducing TCO.

Iveco, supporter of the All Blacks: the Champions transport the Champions!

As part of the brand's renewed partnership with the All Blacks, Iveco provided a Magelys and three Daily minibuses to the team, providing high-end transportation for the squad as well as logistical support for the New Zealand Rugby federation during the rugby tournament recently held in the UK.

Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President, made the following statement: "We are doubly proud: firstly, to be able count ourselves amongst the official supporters of the All Blacks in Europe, and secondly, that our two great champions, the Daily, 'International Van of the Year 2015', and the Magelys, 'International Coach of the Year 2016', were used to transport the current world champions to a new title. Commitment, reliability, performance and team spirit are the values that drove the legendary New Zealand team to victory, and these values also provide the inspiration for Iveco to provide full satisfaction to customers day after day.”

Iveco Euro VI engines: "Regeneration? No thanks!"

Diesel engines have long been the solution of choice in the road transport sector for their superb efficiency and high power. Of all emissions standards, the Euro VI has had the greatest impact on vehicle design, as it has required combining a high number of technologies in order to achieve near-zero levels of emissions.

Iveco has overcome this challenge with a unique ground-breaking solution with no exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for its entire offering of trucks ranging from 7.5 to 50 t GVW.

By entrusting the entire anti-emission process to the HI-SCR system, Iveco has bucked the trend for increasing complexity of diesel engines, while improving reliability, safeguarding vehicle mobility regardless of operations and, ultimately, bringing reductions in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Already known for their reliability, performance and reduced fuel consumption, Iveco Tector and Cursor Euro VI engines – which range from 160-560 hp – stand out for their unparalleled performance. When compared with similar sized competitive engines, each one of them leads the market in power, torque and engine brake. These performances are all the more remarkable when we consider that they are obtained without resorting to complex turbochargers, and with no impact on consumption when compared to previous generation Euro 5 EEV engines – and they achieve this with remarkably noiseless operation.

Iveco is the only manufacturer to offer two solutions that simultaneously reduce excess weight and slash the additional costs brought by the Euro VI standard, namely smaller engines offering equivalent performance and an ultra-efficient engine brake (the Super Engine Brake), so that for certain missions, the hydraulic retarder is not needed at all.

The passive, continuous, automatic regeneration at low temperatures in Iveco engines requires no specific driver training, doesn’t reduce the scope of use of vehicles, facilitates different bodywork configurations, and makes it possible to perform all missions, including work on Seveso sites, in forests, airports, dusty areas and on pedestrian streets – all to the benefit of the vehicle’s residual value.

Iveco CNG / LNG Euro VI engines: the energy transition is underway

Since the late 90s, Iveco has developed a wide range of engines that run either on natural gas or biomethane (in its renewable version), whether compressed to 200 bar (CNG) or in liquid form at -130°C (LNG). These engines range in power from 136 to 330 hp. Their outstanding reliability and efficiency and remarkably low emissions (no fine particulate matter, NOx 50% under the Euro VI limits, less noise) have established Iveco as the undisputed leader on the European markets, with a market share between 60 and 80% in the commercial vehicles, heavy trucks and buses segment.

Twenty years of experience attest to Iveco's status as leader in alternative natural gas-powered propulsion, with more than 24,000 engines produced. This has enabled the brand to offer the broadest range of natural gas vehicles on the market today: light commercial vehicles for town centre deliveries (Daily), medium- and heavy-duty vehicles for urban and regional distribution and cleaning services (Eurocargo and Stralis) and buses for urban people transport (Urbanway and Crealis).

As a master of this technology, Iveco has proven to be the perfect long-term partner for companies and drivers who have chosen to fight pollution effectively by investing in transport powered by natural gas.

Without EGR, SCR or particulate filters, the latest-generation Cursor 8 CNG Euro VI engine requires no additive. Thanks to its particularly efficient "stoichiometric" combustion, its pollutant emissions are much lower than those mandated by the Euro VI Directive as of 1 January 2014, with significantly less fine particulate matter and NO 2 which are responsible for respiratory diseases in urban locations. Noise pollution has also been substantially lowered and vibrations have been reduced across all operating speeds – two important advantages for both drivers and residents of urban areas, particularly at night. Producing less than 72 dB of noise, the Stralis CNG is certified according to the PIEK Quiet Truck, the European Standard for silent trucks.

Natural gas benefits from more favourable and stable pricing, resulting in lower fuel costs which weigh heavily on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). This makes it a truly viable alternative to Diesel.

100% compatible with biomethane, a fuel extracted from waste recovery operations, Iveco natural gas vehicles boast a neutral carbon footprint (CO 2 emissions) – a significant step in the necessary transition to more sustainable energy sources. In other words, their use does not cause global warming. All in all, these engines represent the most immediate response to the various challenges posed by 21 st c entury road transport – air quality, climate protection and quiet operation – without compromise on any of the fundamental benefits of trucks, namely flexibility of use and low operating costs.

The production potential for biomethane is very significant, and will allow thousands of vehicles to enjoy de-carbonised, fossil fuel-free driving. Examples of this new generation of vehicle are already in action today: to mention just a few, the Iveco Bus buses used by the Transpole network in Lille and the Daily models used by Transports VIR to deliver the furniture to the Parisian customers of Ikea. If the environmental benefits for transport are considerable, the economic benefits for the wider community are even more significant: the creation of value and of jobs that cannot be delocalised, the transformation of waste into resources, the fostering of energy independence and improvements to the trade balance are just some of the positives of this circular economy.

In short, in addition to exceptional environmental performance, Iveco CNG engines offer users 4 exclusive advantages:

- they facilitate energy transition, dispensing of oil and its derivatives completely,

- they allow for night-time deliveries, thanks to their silent operation,

- they reduce total cost of ownership by up to 10% compared to Euro VI diesel vehicles,

- they allow for tot ally de-carbonised driving, where biomethane is available.

A n Iveco Cursor 8 CNG will be displayed on the stand at Solutrans 2015. Produced since 2004 in the Bourbon-Lancy factory, in Saône-et-Loire, this engine is fitted on all Stralis and Iveco Bus buses powered by natural gas. With engine powers ranging from 270 to 330 hp, the Iveco Cursor 8 CNG has held the unbeaten power record for an engine of less than 8 litres since 2010.

The Hi-Matic automatic transmission: absolute driving pleasure

Equipped with an exclusive 8-speed automatic transmission, the New Daily Hi-Matic sets high standards for flexibility, efficiency and economy, while ensuring maximum comfort. This new generation of gearbox, with multifunctional ergonomic gear lever, is designed to provide absolute driving pleasure, allowing the driver to concentrate fully on driving and traffic conditions.

The vehicle is characterized by a remarkable fuel economy, thanks to the choice of Eco and Power modes. In Eco mode, gear changes at low speeds are carried out in a flexible manner, improving driving comfort while minimising fuel consumption; in Power mode, gear selection is performed faster and at higher speeds, promoting more efficient driving.

A dapting perfectly to daily tasks with adaptive gearshift management, the new Hi-Matic transmission smoothly shifts to the most suitable gear in less than 200 milliseconds. With a vast range of ratios, the engine always runs at optimum speed.

Maintenance and repair costs are reduced by 10% compared with a manual gearbox. With a sustainable design, the new Hi-Matic solution protects the engine and the transmission, and requires less maintenance.

The vehicle is best in its class in terms of performance, and is available with a wide range of engine configurations, in either 2.3 or 3.0 litre versions with power and torque ranging from 106 to 205 hp and 270 to 470 Nm respectively, and a record gross weight of up to 7.2 tonnes.

The New Daily Hi-Matic boasts an extremely high towing capacity of 3,500 kg, ensuring optimum performance even during hill starts thanks to the "Hill Holder" system which comes as standard (an anti-rollback system for starts on slopes, preventing the vehicle from rolling back).

The New Daily Hi-Matic comes in three versions, for a range of different uses:

Urban, perfect for users who have to face city traffic on a day-to-day basis. This version guarantees maximum manoeuvrability and comfort, thanks to auto-adaptive shifting which adjusts gear change management according to the situation, choosing between 20 different programmes;

Regional, for professionals who need ultimate versatility, with exceptional performance in Ec o and Power modes for increased driving pleasure;

- and International, for those who face long journeys and who are looking for a convenient and reliable partner for unparalleled driving comfort and exceptional reliability.

Voted "International Van of the Year 2015" by the 23 jury members representing the most prestigious specialist press titles from across Europe and Russia, the New Daily is the best example of continuous improvement in a product that has held a key role in the history of light commercial transport for more than 35 years.

Iveco VISION: a technological concept for the future of mobility

The hunt for new, cutting-edge solutions and the anticipation of future trends remain at the heart of Iveco's strategy.

Iveco Vision, a concept focused on developing mobility solutions with low environmental impact, offers numerous innovative developments. The concept stems from Iveco's Dual Energy technology featured in a chassis unveiled at the IAA 2012 trade fair in Hanover, which combines technologies that could be used on the commercial vehicles of the future.

Derived from Dual Energy, Iveco Vision takes a new approach to this technology, allowing for the use of two different types of traction: one is exclusively electric, with guaranteed zero- emissions and low noise levels; the other is a hybrid (thermoelectric) solution, suitable for longer journeys and out-of-town missions, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 25%.

In this architecture, a specific transfer unit connects the electric motor to the drive shafts, allowing for the creation of a hybrid system which is also a drive system for adaptive energy management in real time. The vehicle chooses the most appropriate form of traction according to the mission it is performing: hybrid mode, which improves service speed and range on interurban roads, or electrical mode for unrestricted mobility, ensuring zero emissions in purely urban areas.

As a natural evolution of the "Dual Energy" project, Iveco has reworked the chassis, the bodywork, the vehicle interior and the user interface: the result is the Iveco Vision, a van concept which is ideally suited to door-to-door delivery missions.

This project focuses on the development of three technological innovations: a new adaptive human/machine interface, a design which provides better visibility and a new fully-automatic load management system.

With regard to the first of these, the vehicle is equipped with a highly-integrated tablet, which communicates with the electronic systems on board the vehicle.

Large glass surfaces and the windshield surrounds optimise the field of vision, guarantee total visibility from the cab, while the rear camera image is displayed on a wide screen in the upper part of the windshield.

With specific reference to the mission type, the Iveco Vision is equipped with a load management system based on a series of sensors that identify the goods, and then indicate their correct positioning within the vehicle, activating the retainers to prevent accidental movement. In addition to protecting valuable goods against possible damage, this system allows for better management of space and facilitates loading and unloading, for a tangible improvement in efficiency.

In short, the Iveco Vision is a mobile laboratory and the result of new developments in technology solutions that represents the natural evolution of the range of Iveco commercial vehicles.

To achieve this objective, Iveco continues its partnership with selected suppliers, including those who have already contributed to the concept, such as Bosch, Dainese, Brembo, Streparava, Arcelor Mittal, CRF, Denso, Sole, FPT, Trucklite, Xperion, ZF, Comftech, Essence and ST Microelectronics, sharing their ideas, expertise and professionalism.

Iveco. Your Partner for Sustainable Transport

Iveco has identified four corporate values with a view to providing precise, tailored responses to the demands of its customers:

- Technology - the company fosters continuous progress, developing exclusive, cutting-edge equipment (such as the HI-SCR anti-pollution system and the Hi-Matic automatic gearbox);

- Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - Iveco technologies focus primarily on increasing the cost- effectiveness of its vehicles (reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs, optimised residual vehicle value, efficient fleet management systems);

- Sustainability - Iveco knows that its sector can make a significant contribution to a cleaner environment (Iveco's status as European leader is reflected by the fact that more than 8,500 of our commercial vehicles and trucks and over 5,500 buses run on alternative fuels such as natural gas, hybrid electric and full electric systems);

- Business partnership - what customers really need, in addition to a strong, sturdy truck that can do the job in hand, is a reliable partner who is willing to listen to their problems, and who is always there when needed, to help identify the most appropriate solutions to any issues that might arise.

Lyon, 18 November 2015