• 24-SEP-2014

Iveco to deliver first 50 Stralis LNG Euro VI vehicles to LC3



LC3, a leading logistics company, confirms its confidence in Iveco with its latest purchase of 50 Stralis LNG Euro VI trucks. This order arrives shortly after the first five of its kind were put on the road.

Iveco has received its first contract order for 50 Stralis Hi-Ways powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). The vehicles will be used by LC3, a company specialising in temperature-controlled transport and container lorries that has continuously strived to equip its fleet with alternative technological solutions capable of reducing the vehicles’ environmental impact.

Following the opening of the first ENI Liquefied Natural Gas Station in Piacenza, LC3 was the first company in Italy to purchase the Stralis LNG and use them on the country’s roads.

The Stralis Natural Power LNG is powered by a 330 hp Cursor 8 CNG Euro VI engine. It is fitted with a 510 litre cryogenic LNG fuel tank and 4x70 litre CNG tanks ensuring a fuel range of over 750 km. Because of these factors, the vehicles can be used for medium/long-term distances.

Using LNG-powered vehicles has many advantages in terms of environmental sustainability and profitability for customers. Indeed, in terms of emissions, natural gas engines are much more environmentally friendly than their Diesel Euro VI counterparts. Natural gas is absolutely a clean fuel thanks to its emissions of particulate (-95% in comparison to Diesel) and NOx (-35%) that have been slashed to a bare minimum. Furthermore, these vehicles make it possible to reduce vehicle emissions of CO2 from 10% up to 100% if using bio-methane. Lastly, Iveco has a more silent vehicle with an average decrease of 5 decibels in comparison to Diesel, making it perfect for waste collection and nightly distribution.

With reference to cost effectiveness and savings in terms of the Total Cost of Ownership: Natural G as is significantly less expensive when compared with Diesel. This results in fuel costs being reduced by up to 40% (i.e. the most important factor when evaluating TCO).

Iveco is a leading European manufacturer of Natural Gas vehicles: over 200 LNG vehicles are currently in circulation throughout Europe, chiefly in Spain and the Netherlands where the appropriate infrastructure is well established.

Iveco thus consolidates its commitment towards sustainable mobility without impairing progress, but responsibly combining it with environmental protection. This vision reflects the strategy that Iveco has chosen to implement in order to provide its customers with a wide range of technologically advanced vehicles in terms of environmental, safety and efficiency standards, while reducing operating costs.

Turin, 24 September 2014