• 20-MAY-2016

Iveco unveils Bio-LNG-powered Stralis Hi-Road



Iveco has unveiled a Stralis Hi-Road (AT440S33T/P (LNG/C)) powered by liquid biofuel – or Bio-LNG. The variant was launched at the inauguration of the BioGNVAL industrial pilot site at the Valenton plant in Val-de-Marne, France, and was fuelled for the event with gas produced by the facility’s wastewater treatment process.

The ceremony, which was also attended by SIAAP (the interdepartmental syndicate for sanitation of Greater Paris) and French utilities company Suez, was the culmination of a project launched in February 2013 to convert biogas produced by the plant’s wastewater treatment process into Bio-LNG.

The renewable fuel, which is easy to store and ship, is used to transport goods and passengers, among other applications, and the Valenton site’s production of the fuel is a first for France.

A partner in the project from the outset, Iveco demonstrated the potential for an immediate energy transition in the haulage industry with its quiet, clean and completely carbon emission-free Bio-LNG Stralis Hi-Road.

Running on the clean fuel, which emits no particulate matter, this variant of the Stralis reduces CO2emissions by 90 per cent, and noise emissions by 50 per cent (PIEK certification) compared to a traditional diesel vehicle.

Thierry Kilidjean, Iveco France Business Director, says: “Gas engines are a major development, and we aim to promote them as the only alternative to diesel for heavy trucks.”

Among the delegation at the inauguration was Chantal Jouanno, Vice-President of the Ile-de-France Region, who witnessed the full range of benefits offered by the Bio-LNG-powered Stralis for herself, and confirmed Iveco's commitment to sustainable transport.

An Iveco Bus Urbanway provided a shuttle service during the event. This vehicle, which is equipped with a gas-powered engine produced in France (Bourbon-Lancy), was manufactured at the Annonay plant (Ardèche) and bears the OFG (Origine France Garantie) label.

Iveco has once again shown its pioneering credentials in sustainable transport. The European leader in natural gas-powered vehicles offers the widest range of trucks, vans and buses powered by compressed natural gas and liquid natural gas, as well as hybrid buses and electric traction vehicles. To date, more than Iveco 8,500 vans and trucks and 5,500 Iveco Bus vehicles on the roads run on alternative fuels.

Basildon, May 20, 2016