New IVECO S-Way: the 100% connected truck takes fuel efficiency and driver-centricity to the next level

  • 01-JUN-2021



The IVECO S-Way delivers a fuel efficiency increase of up to 3% with a new engine line-up and advanced features, further reducing its Total Cost of Ownership and raising the stakes on business productivity.

The IVECO S-Way marks a turning point in the industry by changing the way drivers interact with their vehicles with the unique voice companion, IVECO Driver Pal through Amazon Alexa voice commands. 

IVECO unveiled today the new IVECO S-Way heavy on-road vehicle to its dealer network and representatives of the automotive press in a live digital event streamed on the IVECO Live Channel Platform. The new range has been engineered to deliver outstanding value and productivity for the fleet owner. It further increases its fuel efficiency, which was already among the best, with a new engine line-up and next generation rear axle, advanced technologies and innovative services tailored to the customers’ needs. It takes connectivity and driver-centricity to a new level with the unique IVECO Driver Pal voice companion, new advanced functionalities and connected services.  The IVECO S- Way is the ideal business solution for the fleet owner, the sustainable friend of the environment, and the perfect travel companion for the driver.

Thomas Hilse, IVECO Brand President, said: “The new IVECO S-WAY is a truly forward-thinking vehicle. It is sustainable and efficient, engineered with a deep-rooted entrepreneurial mindset. It puts the customer centre-stage, revolutionizing the way they communicate with their vehicles.  The world is moving fast, and the world of transport must not only keep up, but anticipate and drive the change. IVECO is doing exactly that. The new IVECO S-WAY is the future of the world of transport and it’s here today. It will take our customers to the next level!”

Giuliano Giovannini, Head of Medium & Heavy Line Product Management, stated: “It is unusual for a manufacturer to make a substantial product update just two years after launching a brand-new model. However, this is exactly what we are doing with the IVECO S-Way and we are improving a vehicle that was already among the best in its category. Today, with the new IVECO S-Way we move to the next level, with a level of innovation that has no equivalent on the market. We offer our customers a vehicle that anticipates their needs and will exceed their expectations.”

The new IVECO S-Way builds on the success this range has achieved since its launch in 2019. It has proved extremely popular with drivers for  its high levels of comfort.  Customers appreciate the improvements in performance and Total Cost of  Ownership (TCO) that come with the vehicle’s connectivity and tailor-made services. This has resulted in nearly 4 out of 5 customers subscribing for the full telematic services, and the take rate is in constant growth. Overall, sales have exceeded all expectations, leading to significant gains in market share. IVECO S-Way natural gas models are the absolute leaders in Europe, and today account for more than a quarter of units sold. Owners are proud of their IVECO S-Way and show this by customizing and sharing pictures of their trucks on social media.

High business productivity with a true high fuel-efficiency and TCO performer

The IVECO S-WAY is the ideal vehicle for long-haul missions and the perfect business solution for the fleet owner. It raises the bar on performance and fuel efficiency with a host of improvements and new features, achieving an overall reduction in fuel consumption of up to 3%.

The new engine line-up meets Euro VI/E emissions standards and is type-approved for 100% second- generation bio-diesel, such as HVO. The Cursor 13 range has been extended with two new power ratings, 490 hp and 530 hp. The efficiency of the Cursor 11 and Cursor 13 engines has been improved through increased compression ratios and a new combustion management strategy. 

The 13-litre engines have been coupled with new, high-efficiency single-reduction rear axles, and longer  rear  axle  ratios  down  to  2.31:1  are  available  with  standard  profile  tyres.  This  enables substantial down-speeding, resulting in greater efficiency when cruising on long-distance routes. These features make the new Cursor 13 490 hp pivot model a true TCO Champion and the perfect vehicle for long haulage.

Additional features contribute to the IVECO S-Way’s fuel efficiency. They include the new Eco Mode for the automatic air conditioning system, which eliminates unnecessary energy absorption, and the new A-pillar aerodynamic covers that further improve air flow around the cab.

Driver experience: the smart evolution of the 100% connected truck

The IVECO S-Way transforms the way drivers interact with their vehicle and ushers in a new era of proactive and predictive support. It makes life on board easier and more productive with the unique IVECO Driver Pal vocal driver companion, new advanced functionalities and connected services.

IVECO Driver Pal is a true game changer. It enables the driver to interact with the vehicle, its control systems, the IVECO Control Room and all fleet management functions using voice commands via Amazon Alexa.  With the unique MYIVECO skill, they can not only activate in-cab controls and use the infotainment, but also use the navigation system to plan their route, and check the vehicle’s health status and their Driving Style Evaluation score. IVECO Driver Pal also puts them in contact with the driver community through the MYCOMMUNITY skill, making it possible to exchange messages with other drivers on their route or near their destination. They can share useful travel information and support each other.  

IVECO is introducing a ground breaking new service that offers complete peace of mind to the driver and the fleet owner, in case of accident or other issue with the vehicle. The driver can activate IVECO Top Care through IVECO Driver Pal. The nearest IVECO workshop will be alerted and resolution will be fast-tracked. The service offers an innovative driver hospitality package if the vehicle is not back on the road within six hours. It includes free transfer, accommodation and, if needed, medical assistance.

The Sustainability Champion

The IVECO S-Way Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) versions now feature new smart auxiliaries, such as the clutch compressor and variable-flow steering pump, which further increase their fuel efficiency. The engine improvements and new features these models share with the Diesel versions, together with the new smart auxiliaries, deliver a further reduction in CO emissions. This makes the IVECO S-Way natural gas truck the undisputed sustainable leader for long-haul transport.