• 16-JUN-2016

On the day of the international launch of the New Stralis, Perrenot Group places a record order for 250 natural gas vehicles!



This exceptional order is for the supply of 200 Stralis NP (Natural Power) LNG and CNG tractors featuring the new Cursor 9 400 hp engine, Hi-Way Cab and EuroTronic automated gearbox, as well as 50 Stralis Natural Power CNG 330 hp trucks.  With this contract Iveco and Perrenot Group confirm their long-standing partnership and their leadership in sustainable mobility.

Such a significant order marks a turning point in the transition towards sustainability in road freight transport in Europe. It also validates Iveco's vision as a pioneer in the natural gas industrial vehicle market for the past two decades. Today, with a product offering that now covers all market sectors – from urban distribution to international transport – Iveco has consolidated its position as the leader in the European market for natural gas commercial vehicles (Daily, Eurocargo, Stralis).

Founded in 1945, Perrenot Group (formerly known as UNIC) has been a loyal Iveco customer since 1960, It has grown to be one of France's leading transport brands across all sectors (mass distribution, long haulage, construction, bulk, containers, logistics, etc.), both nationally and internationally. Today, the company employs nearly 4,500 people and operates a fleet of 6,000 registered vehicles, of which 3,500 are motor vehicles. With 1,500 vehicles – of which 750 are tractors – Iveco is the dominant brand in Perrenot Group’s fleet.

Perrenot Group’s commitment to researching and developing specific, effective solutions that address the environmental challenges of road transport, has led the company to introduce as far back as 2008 clean and silent refrigerated trucks, ideal for night-time delivery missions). The Group was among the first in Europe to use biomethane-powered Iveco tractors in their operations in 2012. To this day, these remain the only vehicles capable of contributing to better air quality, drastically reducing CO ₂ emissions, and halving noise levels.   In 2013, having tested other alternative energy solutions, Iveco’s natural gas technologies proved to be the natural choice for Perrenot Group with the purchase of the first CNG refrigerated  transporters  fuelled  by  liquid  nitrogen.  In  2014,  the  Group  took  yet  another innovative step, commissioning the first LNG tractors in France.

2016 marks a historic turning point in the collaboration between Perrenot Group and Iveco with this exceptional order for 250 natural gas Stralis. The supply contract is testament to the strong partnership and, most importantly, the two companies’ powerful commitment to sustainable road transport.

Jacky Perrenot, President and founder of Perrenot Group, stated: "Today we are taking a key step in our development thanks to Iveco's advanced natural gas technology – and in particular the  brand's  new  400  hp  engine.  Combined  with  the  dual  LNG  tank  configuration, which increases the tractor’s range to 1,500 km, this opens up new business opportunities for us, especially in long-distance transport operations. The exceptional performance of the new Stralis NP  confirms  we  made  the  right  choice  with  Iveco’s  natural  gas  technology  as  the  best alternative to diesel fuel, both economically and environmentally. Once again, Iveco's product offering and after-sales service package have fully met our requirements and specifications."

Philippe Givone, President of the Perrenot Group Transport holding company, added: "For the first time ever, these new Iveco natural gas trucks won’t be assigned to missions specific to them – instead, they will replace diesel tractors on current missions, with no need for special adaptations. This is a major change in our approach to freight transport – a change Iveco has seen coming for a long time now!"

Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President, concluded: "With this historic order Perrenot Transport will be running the largest fleet of natural gas trucks in Europe. For its part, Iveco has reached a further milestone in its leadership in natural gas technologies for sustainable road transport. We are very proud of Perrenot Group’s trust in Iveco, which is the result of the unique partnership that has allowed our two groups to write a new  important chapter in the history of sustainable transport in Europe."

In France, the growing use of biomass (household and agricultural waste, sewage treatment plants) has enabled the growth of biomethane as an alternative fuel. This 100% renewable fuel is immediately available and increasingly widespread in Europe, which now recognises the strategic impact of this biofuel on the transport sector, as well as its contribution to directive 2009/28/EC on renewable energy sources. Iveco's natural gas-powered trucks are compatible with biomethane and boast a neutral carbon footprint (CO ₂ emissions "from well to wheel"). In other words, their use does not contribute to global warming.

The introduction of the New Stralis NP, ‘TCO ₂   Champion’, was a crucial factor in Perrenot Group’s choice. In addition to the significant reduction in CO ₂ , the choice of natural gas has also proved to be an economically-viable option, as the price difference between natural gas and petrol generates substantial fuel savings – especially so on long distances. The resulting reduction in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) contributes to the return on investment. Finally, the fast growth in the number of natural gas refuelling stations will enable the development of clean long distance transport on a large scale.

Madrid, 16 June 2016