• 16-NOV-2017

Solutrans 2017: Energy transition takes centre stage on the IVECO stand


The 14th Solutrans trade show, being held from 21 to 25 November at the Eurexpo Lyon exhibition centre, will see an array of new features being unveiled. Energy transition is now a reality in the freight transport sector, which is the driving force behind IVECO's unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technological solutions

In addition to the vehicles on display in partnership with the company's bodybuilders, IVECO will be highlighting its position as the unrivalled leader in the field of energy transition - more than 50% of the models exhibited on the stand will be alternative traction vehicles (CNG, LNG, electric). A choice of alternative energies for sustainable transport including:
  • A stand dedicated to sustainable development and alternative traction technologies
  • The New Stralis NP 460, equipped with the Cursor 13 engine: Pure Power
  • The Stralis X-WAY, for a new approach to construction site applications, including an exclusive natural gas version
  • The new Daily Blue Power range, which introduces three environmentally-friendly solutions for unlimited urban deliveries
  • The Eurocargo, the truck the city likes, with an exclusive new version featuring full air suspension
Technological innovation and sustainable development have been at the heart of IVECO's business strategy for more than 20 years. The 14th Solutrans will be no exception to this rule, with the brand occupying a 1,600 m² stand at the event in Hall 5. In this space, 40% larger than the stand at the previous event, IVECO will present:
  • 5 new Daily vehicles
  • 1 Eurocargo
  • The new Stralis XP and NP
  • The IVECO Z TRUCK (concept vehicle)
  • Various CNG engines
The brand's bodybuilding partners will also be in the spotlight, with an exclusive preview of:
  • A SORTIMO mobile workshop built within a Daily Blue Power van
  • A JPM aluminium tipper with storage compartment on a Daily Blue Power chassis
  • An EQUIPMEN recovery vehicle built on a Daily chassis
  • A CIFA electric mixer on Stralis X-WAY Natural Power chassis
  • A LIEBHERR mixer on a Stralis X-WAY chassis
  • A DALBY skip loader on a Stralis X-WAY chassis
Michelin solutions will also be presenting its new digital services, designed for the new Stralis NP 460, to help drivers and fleet managers get the most out of this new vehicle and to ease its integration into the fleet:
  • MyBestRoute, which allows operators to choose the best route
  • MyInspection, which digitises the vehicle inspection process
  • MyTraining, which offers digital training to drivers, tailored to the Stralis NP 460
In addition, a space dedicated to the Daily Business Up application featuring a full-scale model will also be provided, enabling visitors to fully immerse themselves in this revolutionary new solution.

Other vehicles will also be available for viewing on an outdoor test track, for those who want a first-hand experience:
  • the Stralis X-WAY, Stralis XP and Stralis NP
  • the Daily Natural Power, Daily All Blacks, Daily lowered chassis and the Daily Hi-Matic
  • the Eurocargo NP
IVECO has been the undisputed leader of the natural gas vehicle sector for more than 20 years, and was the first manufacturer in the transport industry to realise the potential of natural gas. This foresight has enabled the company to develop a full range of trucks, vans and buses, all powered by natural gas. For this reason, the focus of the brand's stand is on environmentally-friendly solutions and sustainable development - more than 50% of the vehicles on display will be powered by natural gas.


IVECO confirms its commitment to energy transition, as the brand dedicates a space for the international show debut of the all-new Daily Blue Power. Ideal for missions in urban areas and suburbs, the Daily Blue Power can access city centres at any time of day or night, releasing transport operators from constraints imposed by environmental regulations. The Daily Blue Power is unique, and offers real freedom of choice, with three different technologies that can respond to every need:
  • The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power
The first compressed natural gas light commercial vehicle with an exclusive 8-speed Hi-Matic automatic transmission, the Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power is equipped with a 3-litre F1C engine that generates 136 HP and 350 Nm of torque. Viewed as the best in its category, it offers optimal performance with no compromises.
  • The Daily Euro 6 RDE
The Daily Euro 6 RDE is the most advanced light commercial diesel vehicle on the market, and the first to have been tested and verified as meeting RDE (Real Driving Emissions) regulations, three years ahead of the 2020 environmental objectives. It is powered by a 2.3 litre IVECO F1A engine, which underwent a comprehensive redesign in 2016. With greater displacement than equivalent vehicles produced by competitors, the Daily Euro 6 RDE guarantees greater respect for the environment, with naturally low nitrogen oxide emissions under real driving conditions. It is equipped with an advanced Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) post-treatment system, testament to the brand's 25 years of experience of working with this technology.
  • The Daily Electric
The Daily Electric was first introduced to the market in 2009. Since then it has been continually improved, winning over operators with its high-end efficiency, proven versatility and respect for the environment, which even extends to the 100% recyclable batteries. This unique vehicle makes driving easier, even in cities with stringent traffic regulations. It has a range of up to 200 km in urban driving conditions, and battery performance is optimised at all times. The cutting-edge technology used on the battery guarantees excellent payload, and the battery itself can be recharged in just 2 hours in fast mode. The Eco-Power driving mode and regenerative braking strategies increase the efficiency of the Daily Electric even further.


Having already received prestigious recognition from its peers at the last edition of Solutrans, winning the "International Truck of the Year" award, the Eurocargo is back in an exclusive version with full air suspension. Boasting increased comfort, ergonomics and safety, the flagship vehicle in the IVECO medium range is the ideal companion for delivery missions: the truck the city likes.

The introduction of full air suspension on the Eurocargo enables significant reductions in noise levels and vibrations for absolute driving comfort. This technology also offers unparalleled operational versatility, as the vehicle can now be positioned anywhere in a loading area, regardless of different loading and unloading heights. Regarding safety, the Eurocargo now features uniform chassis height, whatever the load conditions. There is no longer any difference between the front and rear axle, enabling safe operation for both the driver and those working outside the vehicle.

This version is available without any specific adaptations, and is specially designed for delivery missions, with 4 air suspension systems that can support a total weight of 7,500 kg, 400 kg more than the standard authorised payload. The 930 mm chassis height can be lowered by 80 mm or raised by 120 mm. Available in 18 and 19 tonne versions, with 250, 280 or 320 horsepower engines, the Eurocargo Full Air Suspension is set to further enrich the range, meeting the specific needs of delivery operators, who are regularly affected by issues relating to weight and variable loading heights.

Produced in the IVECO factory in Brescia, Italy (a silver medal-winning plant under the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) programme), the Eurocargo is the perfect partner for urban missions. As the undisputed European market leader, the Eurocargo takes care of both people and the environment, enabling reductions in fuel consumption and boasting excellent manoeuvrability and operational versatility.


IVECO is also celebrating two unmissable new introductions to the heavy-duty vehicle segment, the Stralis NP Cursor 13 and Stralis X-WAY.

Faced with the growing demand for LNG vehicles in Europe – identified by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) as being the best long-distance road transport solution for the short term and for the next 10 to 15 years – IVECO returns to the spotlight with a new version of its Stralis Natural Power, equipped with the new IVECO CURSOR 13 engine.

Equipped with two tanks for superb range, recently proven to exceed 1,500 km, making it the most environmentally-friendly long-haul vehicle ever produced. It now comes equipped with a new-generation engine. The IVECO Cursor 13 engine, produced at the FPT Industrial plant in Bourbon-Lancy (71), now boasts 460 hp and a torque of 2,000 Nm.

Thanks to the use of natural gas from fossil sources, the CO2 emissions of the Stralis NP are up to 10% lower than its diesel equivalent. Emissions can be further reduced by up to 95% by using biomethane, a fuel derived from waste-to-energy conversion. Levels of particulate matter are negligible and NOx emissions are halved on long-haul journeys compared to those seen with diesel engines. The truck is also much quieter, with a reduction in noise levels of around 50% for improved deliveries in urban areas.

Furthermore, IVECO will be displaying its new range of solutions for professionals working in the logistics and construction sectors. The Stralis X-WAY further enriches the brand's product offering, and represents the ideal vehicle for road and construction applications. With the best payload in its segment, it combines the very latest IVECO fuel economy and safety technologies with the most robust chassis the brand offers. With 3 displacements (9, 11 and 13 litres), the Stralis X-WAY provides the perfect solution for all operations, delivering excellent performance in terms of fuel economy and engine efficiency. Available in a natural gas version, this vehicle is set to revolutionise the sector, proposing an environmentally-friendly alternative for this type of application.

The Stralis X-WAY is mission-oriented, and its modular approach offers maximum flexibility, enabling it to adapt to all types of requirements. It is available in several versions: as a transporter or tractor-trailer, with different axles, suspensions, vehicle configurations, engines and transmissions, with a Hi-Traction hydrostatic drive, a wide range of engines and power take-offs (PTO) on the gearbox, and type-approval for both on-road and off-road use.

Produced at the IVECO factory in Madrid, which recently won gold at the World Class Manufacturing competition, it is the perfect vehicle for construction industry applications.


Introduced at the IAA Hanover 2016 trade show, IVECO presents its IVECO Z TRUCK concept truck for the first time in France. This zero-impact vehicle anticipates the transition to clean energy and autonomous driving in long-distance haulage, for a fully sustainable transport system.

Innovative and unique, the IVECO Z TRUCK marks a bold leap into the future for the brand, anticipating the use of alternative energies, new technologies and automated driving, all of which will lead to significant changes to life on board. This revolutionary concept truck is the subject of 29 patents.

The IVECO Z TRUCK is equipped with a new-generation LNG engine powered by biomethane, which is derived from refined biogas. This type of fuel plays a key role in CNH Industrial's quest for zero-emissions sustainable transport solutions, guaranteeing very low emissions of CO2 and particulate matter. Powered by LNG, the Z-TRUCK boasts 460 hp and 2,000 Nm of torque, and is equipped with a 16-speed automated gearbox with Powershift on the higher gears.

  • Zero CO2 emissions thanks to optimised LNG technology and the use of biomethane. The concept for the Z-TRUCK is a heavy-duty vehicle powered by bioLNG, featuring type-approved tanks, optimised aerodynamics and a waste heat recovery system, with the capacity to transport goods over very long distances - it has a range of 2,200 km, coupled with negligible CO2 emissions.
  • Zero accidents thanks to the use of advanced automated driving technologies that will change the traditional role of the driver to that of on-board logistics operator.
  • Zero stress and Zero waste of time with the Driver-Centred Design: the cab has been freed from the traditional constraints, enabling it to be reconfigured according to the
  • various activities of the day (driving, automated driving, office working, resting); the HMI (Human Machine Interface) is designed to adapt the way it provides information to the task: the right information, at the right time, in the right place.

Turin, 16 November 2017