• 24-OCT-2016

Cast your vote and help decide: Who will be the “Firefighting Team of the Year 2016”?


The finalists have been chosen in the international Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award competition / Public online voting via www.magirusgroup.com/award / Winning team to visit New York

The ten finalists in contention for the international Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award have been chosen. Hailing from nine different countries, their missions are as diverse as their locations. They represent different team structures from volunteer fire departments to professional fire brigades and airport fire services.

After extensive deliberation an expert jury has decided on the top ten finalists. Now it is time to turn over the final vote for the Firefighting Team of the Year 2016 to the general public.

All are invited to learn more about the finalists' impressive missions at www.magirusgroup.de/award and to vote for their personal favorites from October 21 to December 11. By casting their votes, people around the world are taking the time to express their appreciation for the tireless dedication of fire brigades.

From major fires to complex rescue operations, fire brigades around the globe dedicate their lives to protecting the public 365 day a year. Magirus has presented deserving international fire brigades with the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award since 2012. The goal of the award is to honor the work and courage of fire brigades around the world.

The jury was impressed by the high level of this year’s applications. “It was a quite tough decision for us this year because of the complexity and variety of the operations. However, I think we found ten international firefighting teams, each of them showing exceptional commitment”, said Michel Bour, General Secretary of CTIF (the International Federation of Fire and Rescue Services), on behalf of the international jury. In addition to Bour, the jury consists of: Ann Marie Knegt, Editor-in-Chief of the English magazine "Fire and Rescue", Hermann Kollinger from the Austrian fire brigade magazine Brennpunkt, Pietr Pajor, Vice-president of Firemax Sp. z o.o. from Poland and Tristan Reitz, Magirus.

The evaluation process focused primarily on the quality of the missions, on the teamwork demonstrated and on the strategies used. The jury's extensive experience in the firefighting sector was crucial for evaluating the applications.

What the winners can look forward to
Magirus will invite the best finalists to the handover ceremony in Ulm, Germany on January 27, 2017. The top three finalists and the winners will be announced live at this event. The winning team will not only receive the coveted Conrad Dietrich Magirus Statue, the "Oscar of the fire-fighting world", they can also look forward to an once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York. During their stay they will meet their peers from the most famous fire brigade in the world, the New York City Fire Department (FDNY), visit the "The Rock" training academy on Randall Island and enjoy many more highlights that the city has to offer.

The 2016 Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award will be supported by key industry companies ENDRESS Elektrogerätebau, DÖNGES, and LUKAS/VETTER.

The ten finalists for the “International Firefighting team of the year 2016”:
  • Volunteer Fire Department Altenmarkt near St. Gallen (Austria)
  • Professional Fire Brigade Sao Paulo (Brasil)
  • Volunteer Fire Department Santiago de Chile – 15. Deutsche Feuerwehr Kompanie "Máximo Humbser" (Chile)
  • Volunteer Fire Department Pasto – Gruppe USAR PASTO (Columbia)
  • Fire Brigade Trekantomraedets Brandvaesen (Denmark)
  • Professional Fire Brigade Romans - SDIS 26 (France)
  • Professional Fire Brigade Rome (Italy)
  • Professional Fire Brigade Szczecin – JRG-1 (Poland)
  • Professional Fire Brigade Zielona Góra (Poland)
  • Airport Fire Service Dubai (Vereinigte Arabische Emirate)

About the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award
The Conrad Dietrich Magirus award was first conferred in Germany in 2012 and has been organized at an international level since 2013. The competition is named after the pioneering firefighter, Conrad Dietrich Magirus, who remains a role model for those in the profession today no matter where in the world they work. The Ulm-based firefighter set his sights on making the job safer for himself and his peers. One of his many revolutionary inventions was the "Ulm turntable ladder". He founded Magirus 150 years ago and the company continues to highlight the work of firefighters and acknowledge their impressive achievements with the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award. 

Ulm, Germany, October 24th, 2016