• 19-MAR-2015

Magirus delivers 13 heavy foam tank pumpers to China



Magirus has recently delivered 13 of its SLF 100/80 heavy foam tank pumpers to China for deployment in the Liaoning province. The delivery successfully continues the over 100-year-old partnership between Chinese firefighters and Magirus.

These fire trucks are built on 4-axle, 425 kW / 578 HP Mercedes Benz Actros 4158 chassis with semi-automatic transmissions. The standard cab has space for a crew of 1+2.

The superstructure is built of the modular Magirus BULL construction. AluFire 3 tank and superstructure modules are assembled into superstructures that are custom-tailored to the customer's needs.

The vehicles in the Liaoning province are equipped with an extinguishing agent tank that holds 18,000 litres. 12,000 litres of these are reserved for water and 6,000 for foam compounds. Automatic tank level regulation simplifies the operators' work.

The Magirus MPN 700-3 firefighting centrifugal pump is constructed of seawater-resistant bronze alloy. It can pump as maximum 10,000 litres per minute at 10 bar. The MPN 700-3 is controlled by user-friendly Magirus HMI units that are located in the cab and pump room and are equipped with convenient colour displays.

Six pressure outlets, two electrically retractable quick-attack hose reels as well as a roof monitor are available. The water/foam monitor has an output of 4,000 or 8,000 litres per minute. The monitor can be controlled using a joystick in the cab or on the superstructure roof, or via a wired remote control.

The powerful Magirus MDZA 600 foam-proportioning system controls the correct ratio of foam to water. The hydraulically driven piston-pumps in the foam system can add up to 600 litres of foam compound per minute. Proportioning rates of 1-3-6 % are calibrated in the Magirus HMI control system according to the customer's needs.

In addition to breathing apparatuses and other protective clothing, the equipment compartments provide robust mounting brackets for armatures, suction and pressure hoses as well as many types of nozzles and other fire-fighting devices.

Powerful LED technology for illuminating equipment compartments and the surrounding ensure safe working conditions around the vehicle. Warning beacons in the front and LED warning lights in the rear, all in red, secure the vehicle. An acoustic back-up alarm and Magirus rear-view camera system complete the safety equipment on the superstructure.

​Ulm, March 19, 2015