• 26-OCT-2015

Magirus Lohr: Winner of tender for fire-fighting vehicles in Austria



Magirus Lohr, the Austrian brand of Magirus, won a contract from the Austrian Federal Procurement GmbH (BBG) for fire-fighting vehicles on truck chassis in the category of light (to 7.5 t) and heavyduty trucks (up to 16t and over 26t). In addition to the attractive acquisition costs it offered, the traditional Kainbach company scored with economical maintenance costs.

The decision has been made. Magirus Lohr’s attractive offer succeeded over those by many other European bidders in the Austrian Federal Procurement GmbH’s (BBG) calls for tender. It won all bids for all but the 18t-class. This means that Magirus Lohr has secured an order volume of up to 150 million euros over the next five years. In addition to Kainsbach, the Fire Protection Competency Centre in Ulm will also benefit.

“We are pleased that we convinced the BBG with our quality and the best price-performance ratio,” says Richard Reder, Managing Director of Magirus Lohr in Kainsbach/Graz in Austria. In the future, Austrian communities can save money for procurement costs by bidding via the BBG, which must obtain offers from various producers. The BBG contracts with the best-price bidder and thus offers legal security.

The equipment in each fire-fighting vehicle was coordinated with Austrian state fire department associations. Fire departments can also adapt their equipment to their own requirement profiles. Magirus Lohr scored especially with its proven and particularly high-quality components.

​Ulm/Kainbach (Graz, Austria), 26 Oct 2015