• 06-JUN-2014

Magirus MultiStar – the third generation of a successful symbiosis



The 150-year history of Magirus has always been marked by groundbreaking innovations that were prompted by steadily increasing demands on fire brigades. The idea for the combination vehicle MultiStar arose from the practical requirements of the field. And the concept which was developed more than ten years ago still holds true today: One basic vehicle – one crew – equipped for all applications.

The MultiStar design involves having the technical components of a fire engine or rescue vehicle complemented by aerial rescue components, combining them into a fire engine that can be deployed on a multifunctional basis. In concrete terms this means that the MultiStar has a crew cabin as well as an equipment case built into an AluFire 3 system. The case is provided either with a focus on firefighting (pump and water tank) or technical assistance (winch and generator).

The compact dimensions of the two-axle chassis and the low operating weight characterise both variants. Together with the three-person rescue cage and its particularly wide projection area, the MultiStar offers a vehicle with a unique range of applications. Options such as a high-pressure pump, foam adding systems or a light pole round out the design and enable flexible adaptation to local conditions.

Against this backdrop, the new MultiStar of the third generation was further developed based on the experience of over a hundred fire brigades from around the world and provided with a variety of innovations.

For example, the EURO 6 capable cabin on the 18 t chassis offers the best performance-to-weight ratio, ensuring a high tactical use value for fire brigades.

The crew cabin can be designed either as a troop cabin (1/2), squad cabin (1/5) or group cabin (1/8) and corresponds in design and function to all relevant safety standards, ergonomic requirements for deployment and the high standard of the production process of the Magirus Excellence Centre. This guarantees increased flexibility, excellent workmanship and material quality, service of the highest level and shorter delivery times across the entire product range. In short: customer benefit – Made by Magirus.

Superstructure innovations which provide significant added value in practical use have also been made. For example, the water tank volume was increased by 25% to 1900 l, and the firefighting piping and pump were modified and supplemented with the CaddiSys foam system option. In this way, the effectiveness and the range of applications is significantly increased during firefighting deployments.

LED lighting that is on and throughout the superstructure not only increases safety for the deployment crews but also expands the illuminated work area around the vehicle.

The new MultiStar enables parallel operation of the pump, power generator and emergency mast, which significantly increases the tactical use value and also optimises the processes for all deployment measures in terms of time.

The application of friction stir welding technology in the production of the aluminium boom guarantees virtually wear-free operation as well as precise dimensional accuracy for maximum convenience.

Rescue operations in the underfloor area exceed the capabilities of other systems by far. Working areas of up to 15 meters underfloor can be reached, which is considered unique in the world. The possible crane function with 1.3 t is advantageous in many deployment situations. With a working height of over 30 m and a radius of 16.5 m in connection with the three-person rescue cage, Magirus has created a powerful alternative to the conventional turntable ladder DL(A) K 23-12.

In summary we can state that the new MultiStar is the ideal vehicle for all fire brigades which rely on synergies and efficiency and, because of their spectrum of deployment, know to appreciate the unique combination of firefighting and rescue vehicle or special vehicle. 

Ulm, 6 June 2014