• 12-JUN-2014

Magirus TEAM Cab – The new Magirus crew cabin sets new standards in function and ergonomics



The new MAGIRUS TEAM Cab is based on the Magirus Excellence Centre philosophy, which places the security, comfort, and ergonomics of the firefighter at the centre of all innovations.

The 150 years of experience of MAGIRUS in the construction of firefighting vehicles, combined with the expertise of the over 5000 engineers of CNH Industrial, the world’s fourth largest industry group for investment goods, made it possible to design and implement a completely new crew cab at a central production facility.  

This innovation was preceded by a very extensive international ergonomics study with the objective of developing a cabin which meets all the requirements of the fire brigade and which is also based on modular manufacturing that allows custom design and different cabin sizes.

All this must be carried out against the backdrop that the greatest possible safety and contemporary comfort for the crew are guaranteed. That is, it is not only necessary that the personnel feel comfortable and safe in the new cabin; they also need to arrive at the site well prepared and equipped. In addition, the cabin should be a safe haven for the crew even during extended deployments.

TEAM stands for “Technology Equipped Advanced Module” and is based on a modular system. In this way both the dimensions of the cabin as well as the configuration of the interior space are variable. In total, the Magirus TEAM Cab can be built in two different heights, two widths, and three lengths. The available volume is designed to be extremely spacious. Depending on the vehicle type and customer, the cabin can be either integrated in the device structure or docked on the chassis with a suspension for maximum comfort. Furthermore, a separate module cabin is possible.

A bottom rail system allows for a completely customisable design of the seating arrangement in terms of number and placement as well as the option of individual seats or bench components. Systematic implementation of the seating geometry results in optimal legroom for the crew seated on the opposite side. The seating comfort is complemented by robust, ergonomically shaped seat cushions.

Particular attention was paid to the demand of fire brigades for more storage space. The storage volume available under the seats can be up to 460 l. All storage spaces are equipped with LED lights. USB ports allow charging of electronic devices. The two 10-inch screens mounted toward and against the direction of travel enable connection to the front and rear camera for a perfect overview of the deployment area already in the cabin.

All seats can be equipped with respiratory protective equipment brackets. The respiratory protective equipment can be easily put on during the trip. Due to their oval cross-section, the handles integrated in the boarding area provide a perfectly ergonomic and secure grip. Above the seats, extra equipment can be safely stowed in the integrated storage compartments with sturdy flaps. The handles attached in this area all have LED lights.

A door opening angle of 90° allows the loading of large equipment. The cabin is boarded using pneumatically activated folding steps, which are simultaneously coupled to the door opener. A tread width of almost 1000 mm and continuous LED lights guarantee quick and safe boarding and exiting on non-slip surfaces.

The specific aspiration of Magirus of developing “the safest place on the way to the deployment site” was fully fulfilled with the new cabin. Safety is supported by a wide variety of measures. The Magirus TEAM Cab is the first fire brigade cabin that has passed the crash test according to ECE-R29/03. As the safest fire brigade cabin, it offers the occupants a secure feeling all around.

In addition, integrated airbags are available.

With a 3 m2 window area, the cabin is bright and flooded with light. This allows the crew to better see the surroundings and the traffic situation. An electric door opening system controls all functions such as window and door openers from a centrally located operator station.

If you view the Magirus TEAM Cab from the outside, you can see a white border which clearly highlights the direct link between the cabin and chassis – a tribute of the designer to the chrome elements of legendary Magirus vehicles. The large, darkened glass surface that runs across the entire lateral surface of the Magirus TEAM Cab is also striking, giving the vehicle a distinctive appearance.

The extent to which the designers follow the principle of “form follows function” is made clear by the fact that the batteries stored outside the cabin area result in no loss of space in the interior even with EURO 6 vehicles, for example.

The new Magirus TEAM Cab not only sets new standards but also gives the personnel a feeling of maximum safety and maximum comfort, which they need to carry out their difficult tasks.

Ulm, 12 June 2014